Saturday, July 29, 2006

2006 Heng Ee High School Concert

Even logging into blogger seems unfamiliar now. Gawd it's been over a month since I last blogged anything about my life here. Fair enough, plenty and I say PLENTY of stuff and events happened during this time period.

June 30, Friday night:
Annual school concert in Dewan Sri Pinang. A week later the event was covered in the North section of The Star. Despite what you read in the news article, the performance was NOT spectacular, and the entire concert was NOT magnificent. In fact the hall sound system was badly tuned and damaged the audience's hearing during the first 30 minutes of the concert, and most of the performances were mediocre. Let's say that for every 2 performances that each group played, only one out of those two were decent performances.

Bad performances:
The brass band, harmonica band and Chinese orchestra were out of tune and out of rhythm at times, it ought to be called a practice session rather than a real performance.

Good peformances:
The dance troupe and the drama club. The performances of both these two were simply great I can say! The dance troupe had both male and female dancers swinging and jumping wildly to a tribal snake-spirit appleasing ritual (or somesort) while the drama club's performance was simply surreal. The drama's about a group of 20 boys and girls questioning the very definition of the word "art". The entire performance was elaborately planned (about 30 minutes or more in length) with large scale cloth-twirling and even a "glow-in-the-dark" scene involving fluerescent-painted elephants and objects. I'd give them a standing ovation. :)

As for the rest of the performances like poetry recital and choir, I think they're not bad and pretty nice actually, but nothing stunning of course. :P Anyways, me and my mom were the ones who were watching this concert, since last year's concert was so interesting. Who would've thought that this years concert was exceptionally bad compared to last year?

I really pity the journalit from The Star who had to grimace and force himself to write about an "amazing" concert. Y'know, I can easily guess that some of these students who performed less than expectations could be given a dressing down by the seniors.

And by the way, the blurry photos were taken with by old handphone and its external camera. I don't think I can take proper pics with it anymore, since most of the pics nowadays turn out to be too blurry.

[Edit]: One more thing here, I couldn't believe how uncooperative the audience were. The announcers had already requested that the audience to NOT take pictures at the drama club performance because the flashes might affect the performance. Yet, the cameras flashed as much as fireworks in a dark stadium. Good gawd.