Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Independence Day!

Just a short blog post here (while I try to find a good time to blog more).

Happy 48th Independence Day, Malaysia!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

At Last!

At last, no more haze in Penang! Call me insane, but I can feel it! :P

Yesterday was a day filled with smog and as you can guess it, the day was eventually dull. But today, the day seemed to be a little clearer and the air cooler. I heard that it rained over there in the central part, driving and nailing the last nail in the haze's coffin, hope it rains more here though...

I'm stuck at home ever since Friday due to the haze... and I've been left to ponder why I wait so eagerly for the weekends to come when it would be wrecked. I have a bad itch to head to Prangin Mall or Gurney Plaza to take a stroll there...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

It's DARE!

And on to brighter stuff...

It's coming up
It's coming up
It's coming up
It's coming up
It's DARE! (ooh!)

Following their first single, "Feel Good Inc.", the second Gorillaz single from their second album, Demon Days has been announced for quite some time already, it will be released on this August 29. Now if anyone could be kind enough to point me to any music stores that sell singles, all I see here is just albums album albums... @_@

Anyways, the song from the album is called "DARE", which features Shaun Ryder (the giant singing decapitated head) as a guest vocalist (actually I've never heard of him before this song). Same with "Feel Good Inc.", it's a very catchy song and eh, at least it just shaves 5 minutes off any free time that you have... :P

Click here to watch both videos in streaming version, while the audio version can be heard on the official fansite.

Next up: A review of Demon Days! (I needed something to blog about... xD)

Rest In Peace...

This isn't probably really isn't an interesting for anyone glancing through this blog post, but eh, I needed to unload it here...

After over two and a half years in my care, my flowerhorn fish fell seriously sick from several ailments for two weeks, and on a Sunday morning, two weeks ago, two minutes before noon, he laid down on his side, and slept forever.

From the last day of 2002 right until that single day, I thank you for being a loyal companion, for staying with me all of these while and for bringing in plenty of smiles and sunshine to everyone here. The only thing I regret is that I think I could've done better for you.

To my pet who was not named throughout this time (December 31, 2002 - July 24, 2005; 11:58am), though your soul may have departed from this world, you'll be missed.

Rest in peace.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Education Fair and Measles Shot

Another update here, and yes I do know that I probably need to update more, but I'm beginning to think that those blog drafts would never see the light of day.

There was a education fair at my school's hall yesterday morning, roughly 20 to 25 local collages and universities (i.e. LimKokWing University, The One Academy, Nilai International Collage, INTI Penang, KDU Collage and Disted, just to name a few) had set up booths in the hall to pull in as many of the 800+ soon-to-be graduates into their institutions.

I got hold of many flyers and booklets but heading onwards to Form 6 seems like a better option for the moment. By the way, everyone was sort of a bit surprised to see our school's former headmaster manning the Disted booth and explaining their courses to the students. It was a weird sight, to say the least. o.O

Finally, after waiting two and a half freakin weeks to get our measles shots, it's over and done with now. No more wondering when it's the class' turn to get the shot, how it's going to feel like, how many people in the room will cry and how many people will faint. Egad, this is a class of Form 5 students, but it's still possible.

Anyways, the education fair was held before recess while the measles shot session was held after recess thankfully, they earlier had advised everyone to get their breakfasts first before getting the shot.

My last vaccine shot was in Standard 6, and I didn't take the anti-tetanus shot during Form 3, so I think it should be natural that I'd be getting cold feet standing outside the room. Getting accidentally hit in the groin moments before getting in didn't help the situation either.

Before the shot, the nurse asked some mandatory questions (do you have asthma, have you had epileptic seizures before, have you taken any medications in the past 24 hours, etc) and then opened a little booklet with pictures of one of those coloured dots and numbers that's supposed to test if you're colour-blind or not. Call me dense but I don't really understand what's that got to do with taking the measles shot.

I was instructed to take a seat at a nearby chair, behind the chair was a table and a metallic tray with 6 to 7 medium-sized syringes. Another nurse dabbed the spot with a piece of alcohol-soaked cotton and then I just simply turned my head to the other side and closed my eyes. Then there was something like an ant bite as the needle pierced through the skin, there was a slight pain, and then it was over.

I do blame my parents of making me freak out at the mention of injections when I was little. It really wasn't that bad in reality. Everyone who took the injection was then told to sit down on the floor and wait, the head nurse mention that this was to avoid students suffer a concussion if they fall down and hit their head when they black out.

Some of us joked around as the teacher in charge told us that someone just vomited in the room the day before and they poured red sand on the floor to clean it up. The classmate (who happened to be the annoying one) asked where was the spot and the teacher said it was the same place he was currently sitting on. Grossed-out expressions came next. xD

To summarise what happened next, a girl classmate and the same annoying student were immediately sick after the shot, but the annoying student started to hyperventilate and man. Basically, he became stiff, hands trembling and had problems breathing, so it was code red for the nurses. Both were better within an hour though.

I don't think this was a good blog post, but if you've read until this paragraph, thank you anyway for reading this piece of blogorrhea. Blogging when you're not really in a mood for it kinda leads to this piece of blog post. Gah.