Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Not good enough!!!

I sat back, looked at this blog and said "I'm still not satisfied with this thing".

Perhaps changing another layout again? Or just tweaking the colours? We'll see how it goes from here...

Monday, May 30, 2005

Storm brewing in a teapot...

Here's something interesting on the front page of today's The Star:

It's due to be demolished, along with the vase, umbrella and other weird giant objects in the compund...

Frankly, I think it's a bit of a waste, as I feel that the teapot has at least 10 times more artistic quality than the "obscene" ones we have over here at a roundabout in Penang... :P

[Edit]: More pics at the New Straits Times article.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Happy Birthday GC!

Before the day is over and gone, I'd like to say something:


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

School-related rant...

Warning: nasty words ahead in this post, I'm very pissed off, don't say I didn't warn you...

Why am I pissed off? Two reasons...

Number one:

F--king Form 4 morons who never knew how to SHUT THE DAMN UP! Because their exams schedules were different than us, they made a huge racket in the class next door to us in the MIDDLE OF THE CHINESE PAPER! I was sorely tempted to leave my desk in the middle of the paper, step out of the class and holler "CAN'T YOU SEE THAT WE'RE TAKING OUR EXAMS, YOU INSENSITIVE BUNCH OF M-----F--KING MORONS???"

Number two:

F---ing idiot assholes who don't bother to FLUSH THE SCHOOL TOILETS AFTER TAKING A DAMN DUMP IN IT! Thanks to these idiots in TWO SEPERATE CUBICLES (WITH NO DOORS, to top it off), I can imagine the appetites of over a hundred students being wrecked... IS IT SO DAMN HARD TO PULL THE HANDLE AND FLUSH YOUR OWN DAMN CRAP???

I think I've just ruptured a blood vessel.

It's times like that when I can understand the headmaster/discipline teacher when he yells at classes.

[/colourful selection of words]

Less infuriating stuff:
Exam papers with objective questions does not mean that the questions are bound to be easy. It's just an illusion.

Chinese paper was alright, not really too tough, hope for the best.

Economics (both papers) - ditto.

History (2) - ditto.

Moral Studies - ditto.

General Science (both) - ditto.

Modern Maths (1) - illusion.

Modern Maths (2) - alright.

Accountings (both) - I badly need some divine help to pass this one.

Two days, four papers left. Those two things are standing in my way of the midyear holidays.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Surviving the onslaught...

The first wave - 3 papers 2 days ago. I managed to survive it, at least I think so.

The second wave - 8 papers within 4 days, and ditto for the third wave. Someone throw a lifesaver before I drown is this sea of exam papers! xD

Well, Malay essay paper was alright enough, for the first essay question, we were presented with 4 illustrated panels depicting traditional Malay games and we were supposed to write an essay about it. I believe that that the chances that anyone in my class who has touched a living dinosaur before has gotta be higher than anyone who has played either wau (kite-flying), gasing (spinning tops), congkak (marbles in a wooden-thingy) or sepaktakraw (no-hands volleyball). 200-250 word limit and just 30 marks up for grabs. Everyone was pretty much screwed in that part. I'm just crossing my fingers and hope that I got decent marks for that one.

Next section was another essay and there's a choice between writing 5 topics. I chose the one about the cases of violence being reported in today's society, people are saying it's because of the mass media, and in your opinions, why does this situation happen? Well, if it's my opinion, I expect to get a full 100% for that one, but that's just a dream, unfortunately. :P Many students got confused at what the last section of the question referred to - violence in society, or the mass media? *Shrugs* I played it safe and wrote it safe. Wondered how this will turn out. 100 marks for this question, so that's 130 marks for this entire paper.

I think I am so dead for the Chinese essay paper. I got stuck on writing many characters and barely managed to pass the 400 word limit. Letter writing part was sorta okay.

No problems with the second English paper, bungled a bit on the format of the summary, and left blank almost an entire page because I wasn't sure how much space I'd needed. xD Literature questions all came from a workbook exercise that I bought in the school's book fair a few months ago. Wrote 2 full pages on question about the novel, The Pearl. Am happy about that. :)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Must not panic...

I'd like to say thank you very much for all of the wishes I've received for my birthday a few days ago.. When you don't really celebrate your birthday in real life, wishes are the only thing that's important... Thanks again guys... =)

What's up next:

10 days.

10 subjects.

19 papers.

Exams starts on this Wednesday.

Must not panic... @_@

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Turned 17 today!

*Blows away the thick dust covering the blog*

Well, I really have to apologise to everyone for not updating this blog for quite some time now. I've probbaly left some posts practically hanging half way in the sky, unfinished, but I'll be sure that it gets blogged down eventually. :)

So, just wanted to note down on this blog that today is the day when I turn 17 years old! :D It's my birthday! Though the day wasn't especially nice (or smooth either), I got through it, and here I am.

Nah, no birthday party here, but big thanks to everyone who've wished me Happy Birthday today. It really means a lot for me. :)

Apologies again to everyone for not updating recently, I'll promise that I'll go on a blog-visiting spree (or marathon, take your pick) this weekend! :P