Sunday, February 20, 2005

Another late night post...

Yep, it's another post in the middle of the night. Am now listening to Enigma's compilation album Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits. Well, remember the popular song that sounded like a Native American song? That song is called Return to Innocence. Remember the catchy beat, haunting Gregorian chants and seductive French vocals? That one is Sadeness. Throw a rock randomly at a crowd of people and if they won't try to beat you up, chances are that they've heard of either one of those two songs before. =P

Nothing else to say about the group, apart that they've just shot up to the top of my list of favourite artistes out there. I'm thinking about giving that same album a modest review, once I heard the album enough. I'm not really that sure about its counterpart album, Love Sensuality Devotion: The Remix Collection. Bad first impression. >_<

Got those both within the past month, dunno if I should be happy or just cry, think I'm almost broke... xD The first one at Popular, Prangin Mall, the second one also at Popular, but at its Megamall Pinang branch over at Butterworth. Stopped there overnight on Wednesday until Thursday night. Exhausting. x_X Will blog on that one soon.

Another thing I really want to shout out is that I've got a new handphone! It's the Sony Ericsson T230 (yes I'm a Sony Ericsson nut, just like my bro, and no, I'm not rich at all). Basically it's a modest entry level phone that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, good screen even though there's just 4096 colours (compare that to the old SE T310 with just 256 colours. HA. xD). Here's a pic of the phone from the Sony Ericsson website. =)

Must blog more tomorrow, it's almost 4 already... o_O

Over and out!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

It's true...

When things are looking down, there's nowhere else to go but up!

The same thing goes, in real life or online-wise. And I thought I was gonna be pissed off for the whole night. =)

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Little rant...

So, the blogging mood is here! *Rejoices*

Rambling, rambling, rambling here... Ah, there's something I wanted to rant about here, so look away right now, preferably my other posts, if you don't like reading about rants.

I always get annoyed when there's someone who keeps wanting you to do something and makes it seem like you owe them a favour to do that thing. The feeling is downright awful, to tell you the truth. I don't owe you anything, don't make it seem like I owe you. You should use your brain, you know. Look at the situation, if you're asking me to do something for you, see if (a) it's easy, (b) I can get any benefit out of it too and (c) don't make me feel obliged to do it just because you want it. You should be able to know that you're taking advantage of me.

I'm already nice enough to you to explain the definitions of several English words in class and over the phone, and even explain further when you get your knockers up in a knot about making up a sentence to show you how the words mean. So, don't ever say that I freakin' broke my promise, 'cause I never promised you a thing. If there's something you want me to do, come over here and don't make me go over there just for you. I don't owe you a thing.

I'm helping you as a friend and speaking as a friend, I hope you, as a friend would be nice enough to not burden me with unnecesarry requests. Be bold, stand up and ask the teacher if you want to ask the teacher a question, instead of asking me or any other of your friends to do it just for you.

You know, there was once in life that I found out that nothing could be as better if you did things yourself. Don't ever trust a friend to do something that was initially assigned to you, 'cause think about it, if this isn't my job and I have tons of other important stuff to do, why the heck would I take my time to do it for you?

And even if there was enough time, would the standard of the finished work live up to your expectations? You'd likely see some half-done arsed crap that was created in 10 zippy minutes just because you wanted it and the person doing it for you don't have the time or doesn't feel like doing your job. If there's something that you have to do, do it yourself and be proud that you've done or accomplished it, or not do it at all and keep it for another time to finish. Never mind about completing it in time or whatever. Never ever ask someone to do it for you. Never.

Rant's over. This blog will resume to it's normal ramblings. Thank you. =)

Happy Chinese New Year!

*Continues to type while he's in the mood for blogging out his thoughts*

Can anyone say "last minute shopping"? 'Cause I did exactly that, bought an extra pair of T-shirt and a whole lot of groceries today, in anticipation of the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations.

Wheee~ It's another year and once again it's CNY. Damn, time sure flies fast. I guess the CNY mood just hasn't really hit me yet. But then again, my reactions to stuff and events has always been rather slow, so don't expect me to blog insanely every few hours for every day. =P

So, what's with CNY? Seven words: Red packets! Red packets! Red packets! Wheeee~ xD

Yeah, CNY also marks the day that dad returned from working in Singapore last year, stayed with us and found a job in Penang. Though life wasn't as cozy as last time now, but it's somewhat better than a couple of months ago. And I'm really thankful for that. =)

The CNY holidays have been rather short this time, from Tuesday to Sunday, school on Monday and the first 3 papers of my school's exams on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then it's back to classes for another 2 weeks and then comes the rest of the exam. The scheduling for Form 5 exams this year are sorta screwed up, if you ask me.

Alright now, to those who are celebrating CNY and the Year of the Cock Rooster, happy Chinese New Year to you and may your pockets be filled with enough gold so that your pants drop to the ground! Happy holidays to all! =D

Birds of the same feather flock together...

Meh, they're all alike, luckily I wasn't quick to judge the current Malay teacher as just ordinary, has the personality of a dead, rotten wooden stick and somewhat uninterested in teaching the class. Turns out that she knows my Form 3 teacher, aka the feminazi. Yesh, the same old teacher who talks like she has a clip on her nose and haven't had breakfast yet chirpped and laughed happily with Ms. Feminazi one Friday morning.

Although I managed to keep my discipline file clean last year, my page was unfortunately written by her, on a day that I didn't attend school, for not passing up my book on that day. Hello? How am I suppose to pass it up when I was at home? Even the discipline teacher who heard my explanation just gave me a warning. Period.

Every year, year after year after year after year, I eventually get at least one shitty teacher. It a damn curse I tell you.

What about the other teachers you ask? Well, from what I know, most of my teachers are rather cool, fun and easy going, except for the ones for History, Malay and Economics.

History teacher - Has a unique style of teaching, but is very fierce and unruly at times, heard from a friend that she once taunted my friend's cousin about his textbook until he wanted to change school.

Malay teacher - Uninterested in teaching. Uninteresting in personality. Unfair in actions. No sense of humour. Wonders if she's a racist or sexist what, since she knows the feminazi very well. Doesn't deserve to be breathe in the first place anyway.

Economics teacher - Fierce, but has a passion for teaching. Quite okay, as long as I don't cross her.

Now for the nicer teachers:

English teacher- A new teacher transferred from another school, since the first transferred teacher was transferred again barely a week after she started teaching. To make things worse, she was our form teacher. o_O But anyway, she's new and rather sweet. =)

Chinese teacher - Head of the Chinese language department, he's a perky guy with a good sense of humour, and he knows English well too!

Add Maths teacher - Another teacher who teaches with a passion. She's a bit old but she's a nice person in all. A drastic change from the self-centred bitch from last year. =)

Modern Maths teacher - Was sorta nice. Just okay, though not very strict. Somewhat like last year's one. "If you want to do your homework or not, it's your own business". Strangely, that did well enough for me. =)

Moral Studies teacher - Okay too, she a serious person and takes our studies seriously. Usually no homework from her, yay!

Accounting teacher - Same with last year. A nice teacher and takes teaching seriously. Has a bit of good humour in her.

Science teacher - One of the best teachers ever, and loaded with enough humour to make a stand-up comedian laugh his guts out. =D

Think I covered all of my teachers with a brief summary just now. Am glad that it's the last year in school for me, ignoring the possibility that there's a chance I'll be going to Form 6 next year.

And by the way, I've now made my stand that my dislike of the rather bad teachers doesn't mean that I have to dislike the subject too. Note to self: Try my best to get an ace for Malay, though it seems to be awfully hard now, with the choice of teachers this time.

If you're reading this Jin, I'd have to say that Andy from the blogosphere is definitely not dead! Just hibernatning somewhere in the wilderness, and probably coming out to blog once in a while. =)

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Now is not the time...

Now is not the time for me to get a proxy LJ.

Now is not the time for me to start chatting happily.

Now is not the time for me to get myself engrossed in Wikipedia.

Now is not the time for me to get online in the first place.

*Switches off monitor*

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Thank you!

To everyone who I've met and made friends on my 3 years online, thank you very much for lighting up my dull life and keeping me sane and in one piece. Thanks a million!

By the way, went to Popular and bought Enigma's album, LSD (Love Sensuality Devotion), last Saturday, after hearing a song on MSN Radio and a recommendation from a friend. Erm yeah, so what if it's an original CD? xD

I've got many things to say out here, hope that I'll begin to get back that blogging mood of mine...