Sunday, November 28, 2004

Mentioned in The Star!

It's an article about Nanowrimo and I got mentioned and also quoted!

(Click pic to enlarge)


Big thanks to Leah and congrats to everyone who participated!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2004

WordPress is awesome...

After some agonising hours trying to set up MovableType, I've now switched to WordPress for another site. Although the default skin was a bit familiar (hehehe), but I've got some impressive styles from Alex King's website. The template and interface was very neat and non-confusing, the basic installation of WordPress and its different styles was quick and easy (reminds me of phpBB) and there's even an option for enabling/disabling plugins!

If you're thinking of moving away from Blogger, WordPress is the way to go...

Friday, November 26, 2004

Upgrade successful!

Went to Prangin Mall and bought a Kingston 128MB PC133 SDRAM chip for only RM160. Checked with another Malaysian website and sure, it said that they're selling it for RM179, at least I knew that that wasn't a ripoff. Fixed the darn thing in after 30 minutes of agonising over why couldn't it fit in properly and now Age of Mythology is running without any lags at all, yay!

Next target: DVD-ROM drive and webcam.

Thinking of selling my USB joystick for RM50-60, funds will go to the upgration of my computer. Considered with but it's for 18+ only,'s registration was very troublesome, my best bet would be the Velocity Media forums. Will post it tomorrow.

Alrighty, I just realised that I don't really dislike my nephew, the little brat. He wasn't that bad after all. After a bit of pondering, everyone told me that he was slowly turning into a carbon-copy of me, sans the nuclear-powered energy! That's really unbelievable. Niece has some noticable issues with her teacher at school. She has some talent to be a BDSM mistress sometime in the future.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Summary for today...

Headed out to lunch with Mom, sis, her 2 kids and maid at 3pm and went to Tesco's Penang outlet through Jelutong. Once you pass the post office, numerous banners hanging from the street lamps could be seen pointing the directions to Tesco. Followed, followed, followed and the banners now had several signboards to accompany it. =|

Parked near the entrence of the car park and walked a bit to the shops. Trollies were placed near the automatic sliding door with a request to take trollies at the second floor. Walked aimlessly through some of the shops. Blah blah blah blah blah and Popular book store was in sight. No words could describe my feelings at encountering a shop with very little reading material. Seriously, this was sad.

Proceeded to the hypermart and nephew slipped into the shopping trolly. Bad idea. Walked and ran along some aisles before he decided to stand up to grab some ice from the fruit juices. Bad idea. I turned the trolley at that exact same moment and he tumbled down. -__- Eh, bumped his back and head but he was strong enough not to cry out loud. Although he said he didn't felt pain anymore, he just became a quiet person after that. I rubbed the back of his head and held him close to me. His mom never saw it though, but I had to spill the beans. Maid was being nosey.

Alrighty then, everything went fine until we had to return. Damn, where was the exit road? We were at a junction where a signboard said Gelugor was to the right, since we weren't going there common sense says that the correct way would be to turn left. Wrong. We ended up in dark allies and dead ends along with 2 other confused drivers at the government Marine apartments. Tried asking other people along the road but it turns out that they were foreign workers. o_O To cut a long story short, we found out that the way to Gelugor was the only way out. Talk about a long way back...

Of course I felt guilty when I accidentally injured him. Now if he were to be perpetually non-bursting with energy and occasional violent randomness, I'd actually like him.

Tesco Penang

Just returned from the new Tesco outlet in Penang, and I thought that there are some issues with it that I needed to mention (aka my two cents).

Here are the up-sides:
1. Very easy to get directions to Tesco, just look at the numerous banners pointing to Tesco within a 1km radius.
2. Free parking.
3. Nice selection of shops available, e.g. Watsons, Popular.
4. Quite a lot of shops that sell food there, not including the food court.
5. Tesco hypermart itself reminded me of the Giant outlet in Plentong, Johor Bahru.
- Ah... Nostalgia.
6. Significant number of computers and accessories were sold there.
7. Conveyor belts! XD

Here are the down-sides:
1. Very hard to get directions out from Tesco, just look at the lack of signboards which said "Pusat Bandar", which was none. After getting lost for a while along with several other cars, the only way out was through Gelugor, which we never intended to go.
2. Isn't very accessible from the main road. Ups, downs and confusing curves are needed. Reminds me of some of the PLUS stops.
3. Despite its illusion of massiveness, there's almost nothing fun there.
4. Ground floor and first floor almost filled with only carpark.
5. Shops were only located in a crowded thin strip around the conveyor belts / escalators.
6. The number of items available in Watsons and Popular was very pitiful (from the lack of space).
- Guess the staff in Popular there will have a field day in arranging the little books that they have. I'd fall asleep from the boringness if I ever worked there. But for the Watsons outlet, it was less cluttered and very neatly arranged compared to the other stores. That was the up-side in the down-side.

Despite having 7 pros againsts 6 cons, the fact that it had 6 cons automagically deserves a thumbs down. Wasn't very nice, I'm not thinking of going there again. Prangin Mall or Gurney Plaza please.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Getting tired of this...

Sleepover. Again. Four nights. Family gathering in two days.

Expect me to be completely insane by the end of the week.

Monday, November 22, 2004


This was the first non-spam, non-double post thread I had to lock. Ever.

Yay, another item to add to my extremely short list of pet-peeves. Currently it's:

- Backstabbers
- Patronisers
- Stereotypes
- Misconceptions

Enough ramblings, getting back to my novel. =)

Btw, congrats to GC for reaching the magical 50K mark!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

More like...

It's more like 5K in three days... -__-

I'm starting to hang out more at the "I Hate Myself and Want to Die" section of the forums...

Unrelated note: Building caretaker informed us that they're sending someone tomorrow to drill the kitchen floor to fix the leaking on the ceiling of the apartment unit below... WTF? o_O?

Monday, November 15, 2004

Trying out NaNoWriMo

Yeah, I got coaxed into joining it by a particular friend today... *Glares at GC* XD

For starters I was already 13 days behind when I joined NaNoWriMo due to darn exams. Anyhow, don't say I didn't warn you, but the writing might not be good at all (aka prepare to cringe). The novel in progress is located here... I've just churned out a total of 2,138 words for today... I haven't even figured out a title for it yet! Scared not likely to finish it on time... T_T

Notes to self:
i) 5K or more for tomorrow!
ii) Open PC casing and check CD-ROM drive, it isn't working properly.
iii) Slow computers and fast connection does not make good partners. Firefox lags a tiny bit (that's the annoying part). Buy memory module sometime.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

I hate fungus...

Water + cardboard + paper + 4 months = Fungus

Just cleared out my Reader's Digest hardcover books and noticed that traces of fungus had grown at the bottom. Shit. At first it looked like black sand but once I encountered green, yellow and white spots, that ain't sand anymore. Almost half of my hardcover and magazine collection had grown a bit of fungus after the spot where it was kept leaked water. T_T Damn the lousy piping, why don't they make good pipes anymore? Oh well, cleaned them up with a dry cloth, only a tiny spot remains. Now where's the bottle of dettol???

I am so never going to stuff anything in a box again.


(News from Wednesday)

Modern maths was incredibly easy and so was the second Malay paper... But then the same maths paper had a printing error on some exam papers which incredibly turned the question from a plus into a minus and in doing so, altered the answer found from (A) to (D)... Wanted to inform this to the teacher but she wasn't there, but then again where are all of the teachers??? Having year-end exams at the end of the year sure sucks though...

The results for history, accountings and additional maths were released during the exam season and I personally met with the moral studies and science teacher to ask about my results... Turns out that all of the results that I know of has improved significantly! ^_^

Talk about a great way to end the Form 4 school year.... =D

Firefox 1.0 released | MSN joins the blog bandwagon!

Alongside Google and Yahoo, the MSN Search team now have their own blog!

On another note, Firefox version 1.0 was recently launched! Click here to visit the browser website and download the latest version... =)

Friday, November 12, 2004


Righto, here's a list of books that friends' have requested but not sent yet...

1. Contact by Carl Sagan - Vivian (RABCK)
2. Forrest Gump by Winston Groom - Squall (RABCK)
3. Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett - Soe Chin (Trade)
4. Death Cults: Murder, Mayhem and Mind Control (True Crime Series) - ann-718my (Trade)

Sending all at once tomorrow... Can't believe I forgot it's Deepavali yesterday... o_O

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Whole lotta snoozing...

Tiredness makes you appreciate sleep more than ever, that's definately true... Masamania from Japan photo-posts some businessmen squeezing every drop of time available for some rest and temporarily escaping from their hectic life... They're raising the bar for the term "overworking"...

Knew about this Japanese blog at the SPI forums and I can say, this is Japan's version of Maddox! Both are equally badasses but Masamania introduces us to his world through his photoblog and witty Engrish commentary. A must read!

[Note: Site in general is not safe for work (or school), viewer discretion is advised.]

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Desktop screenshot

It's rare that mom doesn't stop and make a comment about my wallpaper whenever she notices that it's changed... Usual comments would be regarding whether the wallpaper would conflict with the surroundings (computer is in living room) or whether the wallpaper has any auspicious symbols on it... Feng Shui geek, you see... =/

Tried my best for the 2 accountings papers today, found out that I was only roughly 3 quarters correct for the 40 objective questions but I doubt that it'd help for the overall marks. Journals, documents, ledgers and those stuff were hard as hell in paper 2. At least the toughest ones are already over. Should be easy sailing for the last 5 papers...

Thursday, November 04, 2004

False Start

NTV7's shift in the scheduling of the third season of The Amazing Race to Wednesday (last) night made me thought that the sixth season had started already! Checked with and it's premiering in America on November 16 and NTV7 has confirmed through the forums that they're going to air it!

Rant soon to come: Explorace sucks.


Took Chinese and General Science yesterday, Moral Studies and Additional Maths today. Everything went fine but I'm good as D-E-D dead for Add Maths.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Today's papers...

Today's papers:

English - okay, wasn't too hard...
History - just okay again, scored 28 out of 40 in objective section if compared to my friend's answers... Now my fate is in the hands of the structure and essay questions... Hoping (again) that I won't screw up that...

Ran AdAware, Spybot S&D, edited Msconfig for startup loading, deleted tons of files and defragmented my hard disk yesterday, everything went smoothly, except for the defragmention... 6 hours and it's only 40% done? Oh dear... =|

Now running it and it's 65% done... Much better... =) Using Diskeeper 9.0 (trial edition) at the moment...

Monday, November 01, 2004

No upgrade for 384Kbps users?

Just got word from the Velocity Media forums that TM Net did not mention the upgrade for the packages at 384Kbps at their updated promotion page! Are they going back on their word?

TM Net has also bought a full-page ad in today's edition of The Star, which funnily enough had an error in the sentence.