Sunday, January 16, 2005

Har. Har.

Just noticed that my Explorace rantings are now placed fourth on Google and sixth on Yahoo! if you search for the word "Explorace".

Already had some hits from the two links already. It's up there, as usual. =)

My BMI result...

Took our body mesurements in PE class on Friday. The last time I weighed myself was about a month ago, I remember it was 85kg, and this time it was 80kg... o_O Well I don't see any drastic change (well maybe some) in my waist line, and so I also found out that I was 178cm tall. Yes I only take these mesurements about once a year. XP Okay, when I got back I found a BMI calculator on this website. So I'm just a teeny-weeny overweight, need to eat even less, just 1kg less would be "ideal"...

Oh yeah btw, I found it funny when I was at the cafeteria on Thursday when an upper Form 6 friend of mine saw me and said "hey Guo Liang!" (Chinese pronunciation) and I replied back "hey Guo Liang!" xD Yesh, he has the same name as me, only that his surname is Teoh (or so I think, my brain is fogging up now).

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Not really used to this...

Form 5 life was harder than what I've thought, and with today it just became all a little bit harder.

But this year my class is located in the third floor, considering I've been studying in a class at the fourth floor, every time the bell for recess rings, I'd usually head over to the toilet in a beeline. I've had little sleep last night even though it's just less than 4 hours of sleep, and so once the bell rang I walked to the end of the corridor, walking, walking, walking until I stopped abruptly. I froze for a moment when I saw that the door and tiles were in pink, and then I spun around to see two girls laughing. I then thought to myself "oh shit", I had almost walked into the girls' toilet. >_<

By the way, found a cute keychain of an anime couple in the drawer of my desk yesterday, not so sure why it's doing there in the first place but I did keep it after leaving it there for at least a day just to make sure that the other student (in the afternoon class) wanted to keep it. =\ I sort of like it, it's pretty nice. =)

Hm... I was actually surprised by some of the people that I knew coming up to me to start some small chatting. But it's most likely that they'd want something from me, since the butt-kissing would be all over by now. I'd expected that. I was extremely pissed off at the chess club chairman the last time but this time he seemed to acknowledge my presence this time. Oh yeah, he also needed me for the annual MSSPP chess tournament. Wasn't too enthusiastic because SPM exams this year. =/

School... I just hope that time would speed up, can't wait enough for the weekends.

Not sleeping well, although I had a hard time sleeping last night, I was quite awake at school this morning. Couldn't really took a nap too. Eyes bloodshot now. You'd better quicly drag your sorry arse now, I want the weekends to be here now! XD

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Really sorry...

I really want to apologise to everyone in my blog list for not being around in the past few months. So if you're still linking to me and reading this post, thank you very much for your paitience. I'll be back! Btw, more posts, especially about school will come soon. =)

Monday, January 03, 2005

School starts tomorrow...

Or rather today actually. Got back into the first class since Form 1. Wish me luck!

*Goes to bed with less than 6 hours left*