Wednesday, June 30, 2004

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Monday, June 28, 2004

The Replacement Teachers...

I'm dreading tomorrow... My Accountings and Economics Basics teachers will be replaced, Accountings by another experienced teacher and Economics Basics by a probation(?) teacher. Sad part is that the change for Accountings may be permanent, good part is that Economics Basics teacher will be back teaching us again on October the 8th... =(

I seriously hope that none of them are stuck ups...

On another note, it rained heavily today and the droplets flew into the classroom... It was darn fun! XD It rained throughout the whole day, and to make matters even freezing, some students were shooting water from the taps at each other in the toilet. With the additional water on the floor, instead of being slippery, it instead soaked up the water from the floor and left my feet a bit sore from the wet shoes... =|

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Forums about Gmail

If you ask me, my top choice would be (aka GoogleGmails). So, if you have any questions about Gmails or would like to discuss about it, is a good place to do so...

On the other hand, although GmailForums are currently the biggest Gmails forum around. The admins there are very strict about the promotion aspect and they remove unauthorised links in threads. My guess would be that they're terrified that they'll lose their members... Hmph... The admins there rejected my request for authorisation to insert a link to in my signature! The reason was that they didn't want a forum with a similar topic to be promoted in their forums. WTF?

Imho, a signature on forums is for signing out of a post, a spot for some creativity, or even a little piece of real estate on the internet for the owner to do whatever the hell he/she likes as long as it doesn't violates the Terms and Conditions of the forum (set by the creators of Invision forum, not the admins). It's personal space that's visible to the public. Everybody can see it but yet nobody should touch it. Despite the reject notice, I said "screw them all" and put the link in it. I also posted a topic that questioned the authorisation of promotions in GmailForums. 12 views, no replies yet, waiting for it to be deleted and me get banned from the forum)

Here's the screenshot, I'm getting more and more guilty about my post actually... Hm...

[Edit]: Yeh, the overwhelming guilt has made me edit it and replace my piece of flame bait with an apology. Well, luckily for me, he accepted it... I feel stupid for doing it in the first place... >_< Oh well, at least I have the screenshot for memories...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

South Korean beheaded

[Warning, this post contains profanity 'cause I'm pissed off right now]

Article from Voice of America

>"The South Korean government is vowing not to be intimidated by such terror tactics and will standby plans to send additional troops to help rebuild the war-torn country."

This is the typical government blindly following Goddammed George W. Fucking Bush. The South Korean government and those following their footsteps aren't considered heroes by remaining defiant, they're being an asshole for letting their own citizens killed for absolutely nothing. Sometimes it's better to give and take, even with terrosists as long as nobody gets hurt.

>"South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun told his nation Wednesday he is heartsick and wrenched with grief over the beheading of translator Kim Sun-il."

That is a blatant, out and out 100% lie being told. The President wouldn't be "heartsick and wrenched" if he decided to pull out the troops in the first place. And oh yeah, and I'm guessing he's pouring out tears in buckets, grieving and bawling with sorrow in his office.

>"Mr. Roh says the execution of the 33-year-old South Korean worker is an act against humanity. He vowed not to let terrorism stop South Korea's dispatch of an additional 3,000 troops to join some 600 already there to help rebuild Iraq."

The Goddammed President's decision to let an innocent civilian get killed is clearly against humanity!

>"U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell has praised the South Korean president for his refusal to allow the murder to alter the troop dispatch."

I now have absolutely no doubts that Colin Powell, together with George W. Bush, is pure evil. Praised??? Which sane human being would praise another person for murdering?

>"Asian nations also condemned the beheading of translator Kim Sun-il."

Don't condemn the beheading, condemn the President for God's sake! It's clearly his damn fault!

It's obviously clear in hostage situations that the government has the choice to comply with with the hostage takers' requests. It's their ego that stops them and it's their ego that causes an innocent man's life.

Impeach the bastard again!

I have never publicly expressed my opinions on the Goddammed "war on terrorism" before, and this news article has just pushed me over the edge. To be honest, I can never look at George W. Bush's face the same way again. I'm unable to laugh at the stupidities and tasteless jokes on David Letterman. Each and every time I see his face, I see a mass murderer as the President of the United States. I see him responsible for the estimated 3,000 Iraqi civilians killed in Iraq just because his Daddy can't topple Saddam by himself. I see his responsible for deaths of the 951 coalition soldiers in Iraq. I see him respnsible for each and every person killed or injured as a result of the conflict in Iraq!

The recent hostage executions have shown that the governments who wanted to suck up to George W. Bush are dragging themselves into shit-holes. People who were trying to help the Iraqi were treated as trespassers and they sure have proved that trespassers will be prosecuted and executed regardless of their agenda in Iraq. So what the fuck are those who say they "wanted to help" getting in return? It's times like this the idea of thinking for ourselves first before others might actually be a good idea. If the Iraqis don't want them to be there, then don't go! What's so hard to understand?

The whole war in Iraq situation is just as though if somebody barged into your own house, killed your family members, threw out the furniture, renovated the whole house, and then say it's for your own good. WTF?

I condemn this vile and evil person, and I condemn those who sucks up to his ass.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Please forward this...

...or die!

That's what it says in some of the e-mails I received from my fellow "friends". Well, it isn't exactly like that, more like "if you don't pass this on to X number of your friends in X hours or days, you will die in a horrble accident / be forever lonely / have a ghost follow you for eternity (delete where applicable)."

I remember my first chain e-mail, it had something to do with a mushy story about friendship some roses, it looked pretty nice too... After I read it, I realised my situation, I don't know who to pass it on to! (I was a newbie to the internet at the time) Oh well, I'll just pick one or 2 of my friends... The next day, there was another one! Darn it. I had to do something about these e-mails. Then a lightbulb flashed above my head, it goes to the trash! From then onwards, every single one of them went into the trash, regardless of the concequences it said. Muahahahaha, I'm immune to chain e-mails.

Another notable incident was when my former classmate in 2003 sent me so many forwards and chain e-mails, most of with attatchments, that my Yahoo! account had to be shut down temporarily. Her address eventually went into my "block" list. Nevertheless, I think I haven't really got those gruesome ones yet, you know, with the decapitations, grostique deformities, bloody bodies and weird photoshopped ghosts. Luckily, I now have grown an "iron stomach" that'll make me resist the urge to vomit... Wait a minute, scratch that, it's more like I could shrug those photos aside. But I really take pity on those who actually got scared from it.

I got some forwards from one of my friends, I have to admit, not all of forwards are useless, some are about tips on self-protection and other advice. Just please not those silly trivia, nobody actually needs those. So the next time you receive a chain e-mail, please do something productive, do the opposite of what it tells you, trash it.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

What's wrong with this?

One of the answers for a question in the Pendidikan Moral (Moral Studies) paper kept me thinking for a while...

The question is:

Soalan 2
Terdapat sesetengah remaja yang berselesih faham dengan keluarga and pihak sekolah masing-masing.
b)Kebiasaannya perselisihan faham mungkin mencetuskan pergaduhan. Terangkan kesan pergaduhan terhadap:
-diri sendiri
-keluarga remaja

Surpisingly the answer for that question is:

Akibat pergaduhan terhadap diri sendiri ialah berlaku kecederaan dan masa depan remaja itu terjejas.
Kesan terhadap keluarga ialah nama keluarga tercemar dan ibu bapa dianggap tidak tahu mendidik anak.
Kesan terhadap sekolah ialah imej sekolah terjejas dan ibu bapa tidak mahu menghantar anaknya ke sekolah tersebut.

Is image all that important nowadays? With all of the discipline problems reported in schools, is sweeping those cases under the carpet a good way to keep the school's image intact? Even in families in the middle east, there were reports of honour killings in the family in order to keep their family honour or image. Let's face it, people are people and problems are bound to appear one way or another. Image isn't the only problem. The problem is having trouble facing the problem.

[I scored the lowest marks for soalan 2, btw]

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

More results...

More results were announced today and I now have shown improvements in 6 out of 10 subjects! So for now my total score would be 635 out of 1000, or an average of 63.5 compared with the 57.8 I got for the previous exam. The last page of the Maths paper was still missing and it was really very disappointing... Well, at least I got 12 marks added to it. I had to settle for 62. Darn.

Another disappointing result was English, I got 85 this time... but what's even worse was that the teacher doesn't seem suitable to teach English and I got 44 our of 50 for that section. Very disappointing. Up til now, I had only noticed 2 typos in it. Teacher's markings are in red and my opinions are in brackets. I could've write a better story but 2 hours isn't enough for me... o_O

The topic is "write a story entitled 'The Stranger'".

The story began ^ one sunny afternoon when Mum received a phone call from the doctor at the Penang General Hospital. After hearing the news from the doctor, I saw that her facial expression changed dramatically. Instead of her usually cheerful self, she was now looking sad. It turns out that the doctor ^ comfirmed (first typo) ^ our little sister, Tina , had a small brain tumour and if it isn't removed soon, it could cost her her life. (Double "her" was indeed correct, according to some websites)

Mum and Dad were very worried. They didn't know how to get enough money for the operation, which costs a whopping RM10,000! I was worried for my little sister too, I couldn't bear the thought of a person that young ^ undergoing an operation. When Tina herself heard about the news, she was surprisingly calm, and she accepted it. She was always the mature one, always thinking according to logic and not feelings.

Mum and Dad took out their saving and borrowed money from friends and relatives to raise funds for the operation. They even approached the offices of the local newspaper, The Star to ask them for help from their readers. The article appeared two days later, we had collected RM8,000 including our savings, loans and donations but we were RM2,000 short of the target. Hope was quickly slipping away as the deadline for the operation was approaching.

One early morning, we got up and opened the front door because somebody was ringing the doorbell. But when we opened it, instead of a person, a small bag greeted us! As I picked up the bag, I caught a fleeting glimpse of a man running away. We were surprised that the bad (the other typo) contained RM2,000 in RM100 notes! I noticed that there was also a note inside. I picked it up and read it. "I lost my son from a car accident two years ago. All the money I had couldn't save him. I missed him terribly and when I read about your plight, I figured that your family deserves to stay together. So please use this bag of money for the operation. Signed, The Stranger".

Mum broke down and wept tears of joy after hearing it. She hugged Tina and praised God that there are still good souls on Earth. I joined in and hugged both of them, as the mother-daughter hug quickly turned into a group hug.

Three days later, Tina was wheeled into the operating theatre and the doctors removed the tumour after a 7-hour operation. Everybody was waiting outside the operating theatre, including the aunts, uncles, Grandpa and Grandma. Some of us shouted with joy when the doctor told us that Tina's tumour was removed and her condition was currently stable. A few weeks after the operation, Tina was discharged from the hospital. We even received a get well card signed by The Stranger!

We are very grateful for what The Stranger did for us. We would've lose Tina if it wasn't for him. Every human's actions have impact on others. Although we never knew the identity of The Stranger, the family will always remember him and his kind deed.

Monday, June 14, 2004

First day back to school... ugh...

I was really nervous about my exam results after 2 weeks of school holidays. I'm not in a "story-teller" mood at the moment. So let's cut to the chase. Out of the 7 subjects' results that were announced today, I improved in 5 of them, including Additional Maths, Chinese and Moral Studies! I failed those 3 in the earlier exam but I got 61 for Chinese and 63 for Moral studies. I still flunked Additional Maths even though I got 10 marks more than the previous exam, which was 26 (sad isn't it?).

Accountings deteriorated by 7 marks but the stunner was Modern Maths, I don't know how it happened but the 2 last pages were not attached to the rest of the stack and the last page went missing! And just because it wasn't tied together with the rest, the teacher didn't include the marks for the seperate piece of paper. =( She later asked me to meet her tomorrow, hopefully to discuss adding it. I hope the other paper turns out somehow up at her desk because I did quite a few questions on it! I think the total of both papers would be 20 marks, it means a damn lot to me! I won't mind if I lose marks because of my stupidity, but I won't let it lose just because of a technicality!

[Note to self: practise more proper string-tying and bring along a stapler for the next exam.]

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Genting Trip - Part 3

(104.4 FM Penang)

You Gotta Be by Des'Ree
Listen as your day unfolds
Challenge what the future holds
Try and keep your head up to the sky
Lovers, they may cause you tears
Go ahead release your fears
Stand up and be counted
Don't be ashamed to cry

You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold
You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard
You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger
You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm
You gotta stay together
All I know, all I know, love will save the day

Herald what your mother said
Read the books your father read
Try to solve the puzzles in your own sweet time
Some may have more cash than you
Others take a different view
My oh my, hey hey

(Repeat chorus)

Don't ask no questions, it goes on without you
Leaving you behind if you can't stand the pace
The world keeps on spinning
You can't stop it, if you try to
This time it's danger staring you in the face
Oh oh


Listen as your day unfolds
Challenge what the future holds
Try and keep your head up to the sky
Lovers, they may cause you tears
Go ahead release your fears

My oh my, hey hey

(Repeat chorus)
Yeah yeah yeah

(Repeat chorus)
Yeah yeah

Got to be bold
Got to be bad
Got to be wise
No one ever said

Got to be hard
Not too too hard
All I know is
I never saved the day

(Repeat chorus)

You gotta be bad, you gotta be bold
You gotta be wiser, you gotta be hard
You gotta be tough, you gotta be stronger
You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm
You gotta stay together

After the meal, we went walking around the First World Plaza. Shopping heavily wasn't a good idea since prices tend to be higher than normal. Bright and colourful indoor rides, including the indoor rollercoaster, the Euro Express thundered overhead and left a trail of screaming patrons. We walked about, went into some shops to take a look, took a photo of the Eiffel Tower of Genting and other interesting stuff, and bought some popcorn for a light snack. We then went back to our rooms but on the way there, my mom slipped and fell on the floor! Owch... Bro-in-law, sis, the maid and me rushed to help her up. It turns out that her shoe wasn't suitable for the surface and I noticed there were little spots of water on the floor.

The maid and I helped my mom up, carrying her on each arm and we slowly walked down the steps (ramp would be more accurate) and we slowly walked back to our rooms. I found the water dispenser, which was the only thing that's free in the whole damn place while the maid helped my mom to rub some ointment on the sore parts. We pulled the top part of the second bed onto the floor and pushed some pieces of furniture and went to sleep.

Photos took on the first day:

The Venice ride and a section of the Euro Express track.

The wall!

The Eiffel Tower of Genting, mom is in the foreground.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Malaysian Idol ad...

Visitor Pass (Sung to the tune of YMCA)

Young man, what are you doing here?
I said young man, you have no business here,
I said young man, you cannot parking here,
No way!
Don't... touch... your... car... right... now...


You gotta get a VISITOR PASS,
I said get a VISITOR PASS, (yeah)

You can park anywhere,
Go where ever you want,
No one will put a clamp on your car...



It's hilarious!


Here's 2 simple ways to get a nice cup of Mocha without burning a hole in your wallet at Starbucks...

Option #1
1. Take a packet of Milo 3-in-1 and a packet of Nescafe 3-in-1.
2. Empty both packet into cup and pour hot water.
3. Stir well and enjoy.

Option #2
1. Pour 2 tablespoons of Milo and one teaspoon of Nescafe coffee powder into cup.
2. Add creamer and sugar or just add a teaspoon of condensed milk.
3. Pour hot water, stir well and enjoy.

Credit goes to my youngest grand-aunt, who passed away 2 years ago, for introduding me to the wonderful world of mocha and coffee when I was a little kid! =)

Friday, June 11, 2004

Out of the frying pan...

...and into the fire! I just started reading Sons of Heaven : A Novel by Terrence Cheng mere hours after finishing and releasing Vietnam Ground Zero - Soldier's Medal by Eric Helm. I had wanted to release the latter when I was it Genting but I found out that I couldn't finish it in time. Sons of Heaven : A Novel is well, a novel! Actually the book's plot, which is part truth and part fiction, revolves around the Tiananmen Incident in Beijing during June 1989. I seriously hope that it's not as gruesome as the one about the Vietnam War.

Don't know why but I'm interested in studying about communism lately, perhaps it's because of the idea of the government, being led by a leader with usually an iron fist, leading the peasant people. Countries like the Soviet Union, North Korea and China fascinate me. Not that I'd like to live there, but just to study the concept of communism, where everything is supposed to be for the sake of the people but instead, the people are being rounded up and led like flocks of sheep following the shepard (government).

The other book I bought was Ole Doc Methuselah, by L. Ron Hubbard. Although the jacket is worn out, the hard cover is still perfectly fine. I noticed some omnibus novels (2 novels in one book) being sold at only RM19.90, and they have a 20% discount if you buy 2! Sigh, all these John Grisham and Jeffery Archer novels look tempting but my budget is very tight at the moment, so I had to settle with 2 outdated novels for a price of slightly more than RM10.


According to the newest info on Blogger Knowledge, a Blogger service called Audioblogger has been launched a few days ago and even though it seems cool, if I use it my phone bill is going to get heavier since Audioblogger's number is only for those in the US only. Anywhere else would be long-distance.

Anyway, I just listened to an audioblog by Biz Stone. But as cool as it seems, in my opinion, it isn't going to work out. "Oh look, at the sky! It's a bird! No, it's a plane! No, it's AUDIOBLOGGER!!!" (Okay, I'm tempted to use Audioblogger to blog that sentence... XD) I short, I hate hearing my voice coming out of speakers. Sometimes the speaker gods are cruel are I get sentenced to have my normal voice being garbled up and spat out like I've been possessed by the evil that lurks in the darkest parts of the internet.

Audioblogger also compromises the last pinch of personal privacy left on the internet - your voice. After having your thoughts, ideas, hopes and other stuff in your brain laid out neatly and nicely on your blog, the pictures you sometime share with other communities, you now have the option to have your voice being "sissified" and spread throughout the 4 corners of the internet. I think the only reason I'm rambling about Audioblogger is because I hate hearing recordings of my voice. I hope that's clear. >_<

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Kek Lok Si

A pic of the pagoda taken at the Kek Lok Si temple sometime during Chinese New Year. Posted by Hello

Kek Lok Si 2

Another pic of Kek Lok Si temple. =) Posted by Hello

This is bad news...

...for those people who regularly post mail from one place to another. It's even worse for Bookcrossers who send books from one place to another! This article reports about a postman who slacks off and dumps letters in a cemetery! I wouldn't be comfortable handling mail that slept with the dead overnight. Another dent in "reliable" Pos Malaysia's armour...

Goes to show that there's one born every minute. (Irresponsible people, that is...)

On another note, I was offered a post as moderator in the GoogleGmails aka forums! Hurray and a big thanks to John, the admin!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Most Beautiful Mom Contest

Actually I'm not talking about my mom, but my sister (half-sister to be exact). The event was held at Gurney Plaza on May 20, 2004 and scans of the newspaper article is available here and here. I couldn't get the 2 parts to merge and instead screwed it up, heheh... My sister is Angie and wearing the pink top and pink shorts, sadly she didn't win any prize! I suspect something fishy with the organisers... And because of that, I'll let you judge. Here are some of the photos I took at the event!

I know it's not very clear, sorry lah, cheap camera...

After that, a Bernama reporter and a cameraman interviewed the winner while me, mom, sis and second sis went back after dinner at the food court there. I heard from my mom that she cried for 2 days after she went home. She cried even harder after seeing that the story and photos were published in almost every Chinese daily in Penang! I knew she was unfairly judged but what to do? What could anybody do?

On another note, I released the book A Child Called "It": One Child's Courage to Survive in the flyer rack on the information counter facing the stage.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Genting Trip - Part 2

(104.4 FM Penang)
Fire by Babyface feat Des'ree

You're riding in my car
I turn on the radio
I'm pulling you closer
But you keep tellin' me no
You say you don't like it
But I know you're a liar
'Cause when we kiss


Late at night
You're taking me home
You say you wanna stay
But I want you to go
Say I don't love you
But you know I'm a liar
'Cause when we kiss


You had a hold on me right from the start
A grip so tight I couldn't tear it apart
My nerves all jumpin' actin' like a fool
Well my kisses might burn
But my heart stays cool

Well Romeo and Juliet
Sampson and Delilah
Baby you can bet
They were burnin' with desire
If I say split
Then I know that I'd be lying
'Cause when we kiss


When we kiss
I'm on fire
Your tenderness
Gives me desire
I can't resist
Your tender lips
When we kiss


When we kiss
I'm on fire
Your tenderness
Gives me desire
I can't resist
Your tender lips
When we kiss


Lyrics Copyright (c) 2004 Sony Music Entertainment (M) Sdn Bhd

After a short nap in the car, I found myself somewhere in Hulu Selangor. I think this would be the first time in 3 years I had stepped out of Penang state land. Pretty long time, huh? Soon out of boredom, I noticed road markers incidating the listance left to Genting: 44 KMs left... sigh... Somewhere along the route, we passed by Gohtong Jaya, most probably named after the founder of Genting, Lim Goh Tong. One could imagine the effort and money invested in the building of this majestic structure in the middle of the mountains and the brilliance of the old fart. The construction in Genting has also led to the developement of housing estate, Gohtong Jaya.

The road became steeper and winding by the metre. Thank God nobody threw up on the way up. Mom closed her eyes to avoid looking at the road while the cute kid had his head put in the middle of the front seats and still smiling. We passed Ria Apartments and several Genting Hotels and we were approaching First World Hotel. We got off at the lobby and brought the bags together to the check-in counter. It was the first time since my brother's wedding I last saw my brother-in-law's nephew. He was a year younger and definately looking more stylish than me. The time was roughly 4pm while check-in time was 3pm. In short, we wasted an hour of our room time, I demand compensation! XD Okay, that was a lame joke...

So anyway after 30 minutes of waiting, we got our cards and headed towards our respective rooms. The 11°C written on the thermostats in the lobby reminded me how low the temperature was in Genting. I saw a flyer rack promoting Annie - The Musical and knew immediately that was my first choice to release a book! After an elevator ride to the 6th floor, we walked along the quiet corridors and pass the cleaners cleaning some of the rooms. When we got to rooms 6 616 and 6 617, it turns out that the cleaners haven't even cleaned it up yet! So much for the 3pm check-in, hmph... My brother, sister-in-law and their kid, Me and my mom were staying in room 6 616 while the rest slept in the other room. First thing we noticed about it was the view of the mountain side, woo it was cool! Piles of rubbish thrown by the previous tenants were starting to collect at the window ledge. Those irresponsible people... Another thing we noticed was the doors that link to both rooms. It was almost sure that the 2 spoilt twats are going to give everybody a rousing wake-up each morning.

After we got all of the bags in the room and the kids got a chance to jump around on the mattress, it's off to the nearest restaurant! We took the escalator up to the 2nd floor and we stumbled upon a shopping complex in the same building! (Okay, it wasn't exactly "stumbled" but I didn't knew that much about Genting... XD ) The nearest restaurant in this case was the Hainan Kitchen. We were quickly seated at 2 different tables since the 10 of us couldn't fit in one table. I knew this was bad news, let's just say this was an instinct, heheh... Sister's family and maid was on the other table while I sat with brother's one.

4 plates of fried pork with sour sauce and rice, some bread arrived at the table. The pork was so tough I think it blunted the knives. The other table seemed to be very enjoying their meals. I suggested ordering the curry rice but the others wanted pork. Bad idea. Each plate costed RM10 and I felt really guilty to my brother-in-law, who was footing the bill if I didn't finish it. After all, rich people are known to be more stingier than less rich people and my bro-in-law doesn't waste food's still edible.

Desert came when we finished our meal and we got ice-cream! *Dances like a hyperactive kid on sugar* XD I think I'll skip the part where the incompetent waiters had forgotten about my ice-cream... >_< Food in Genting are usually overpriced but I'd have to say this restaurant is worth it. The drinks, on the other hand, are rip-offs! RM5 for a cup of iced lemon tea? That's daylight robbery!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

I... am... so... furious!!!

Give me a dry wall to punch!!!

How could've I been so STUPID! I saw this a few weeks ago and actually thought it was a hoax, can you believe that? Stupid, stupid, STUPID!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

That's it, I'm not going to lay low anymore, it's links to this blog from EVERYWHERE!

Go Google!

Google's bots has found this blog after more than 3 months! I'm now on Google's search for "WittySquirrel"! I wonder if I should've posted links to here earlier... nah, I wasn't ready yet...

So currently, the only sites I have manually linked is my LiveJournal account and my Bookcrossing bookshelf... More to come soon, hopefully...

Friday, June 04, 2004

Genting Trip - Part 1

Light & Easy, another local radio station. (104.4 FM in Penang)

Getaway Car by Hall & Oates

Remembering when we first met
We had that adventure in our eyes
But something got away I guess
In the everyday of our lives

And I don't know what keeps us here
Let's disappear and start all over again

We can run away
Baby come as you are
You can look at my heart
As your Getaway Car
We can drive all night
It will be alright
Love can take us so far in my Getaway Car

All we need is the open road
More fuel for the fire inside us
Steer us onto lands unknown
And we can leave this world behind us

And I don't know what keeps us here
Let's disappear and start all over again

-Repeat Chorus-
We can run away
Baby come as you are
You can look at my heart
As your Getaway Car
We can drive all night
It will be alright
Love can take us so far in my Getaway Car

Turn up the radio and don't look back again
Let me put the pedal down, gonna leave this town
Don't be afraid to ride

- Repeat Chorus -
We can run away
Baby come as you are
You can look at my heart
As your Getaway Car
We can drive all night
It will be alright
Love can take us so far in my Getaway Car

Mustn't... let... procrastination... hit... me... XD

I think I've expressed myself lately, I'm lazy. And that's why this blog will have a detailed report on my trip to Genting Highlands in many parts. So that means I'm gonna be very detailed. Photos would be ready by tomorrow I hope...

My summary of the trip would be this: Genting sucks, not too badly, but it still sucks.

Me and my mom crossed to the mainland through the ferry, me holding a plastic bag containing 3 books planned to release there, the latest issue of Reader's Digest, a plain notebook and a pen to jot down things in case I get inspiration. (Thanks Dei for the idea). We passed by the old bus burnt down bus terminal as we walked to the place where my brother fetched us. I'd hope somebody do something about it. Even though the top part was burnt down, I believe that they could at least repair the bottom half and demolish the completely burnt top half. It's a waste seeing all of those space and shop lots rot away. It's pretty obvious that the Seberang Jaya part was less cared for compared to the island, seeing as each and every bus that entered the 1 year old "temporarily" bus terminal had their wheel suspension system tested by going through a 1 metre wide pothole... o_O So anyway, we were standing under the shoddily erected shack, an "ulck, ulck, ulck!" sound was coming from a cardboard box on the floor! Shortly after that, the box shifted a bit as something inside was trashing around. It seems that somebody wanted to transport a chicken along their trip! I was slightly amused by that thought... heheh...

So, after 30 minutes of waiting, a silver Kelisa pulled into the curb and we got in. My sister-in-law was sick from fever and flu. It was a bit nervous sitting in the same car and breathing the same air as her... *shivers* We were also greeted by my brother's kid with lots and lots of smiles. I swear he's one of the most cutest kids I have ever met! Sweet and bubbly, he's a stark contrast to my sister's twins, who are spoiled little twats... Hmph... We headed to me sister's family's house and set off together after a brief pit stop there.

The trip to there was a bit scary, as notions of mortality and morbid thoughts of accidents flashed though my mind. I was a little extra cautious and decided to bail out of the car if there was the first sign of something gone wrong. Luckily, that never happened and the worst part of the trip in that car was a bumped head, cramped left leg and numbed balls (no kidding). Me bro stopped at the Tapah (I think) rest stop for a toilet break and I changed seats with the sniffling sister-in-law in the front seat. You couldn't believe the relief I felt from my leg and balls... XD Picked up a small bag of pineapples and pomeloes for a light snack, and onwards to Genting!

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Local radio station Mix FM. (91 FM in Penang)

Take Me To Your Heart by Micheal Learns To Rock
(Music:Jacky Zhang/Words: Jascha Richter)

Hiding from the rain and snow
Trying to forget but I won't let go
Looking at a crowded street
Listening to my own heart beat

So many people all around the world
Tell me where do I find someone like you girl

Take me to your heart take me to your soul
Give me your hand before I'm old
Show me what love is - haven't got a clue
Show me that wonders can be true

They say nothing lasts forever
We're only here today
Love is now or never
Bring me far away

Take me to your heart take me to your soul
Give me your hand and hold me
Show me what love is - be my guiding star
It's easy take me to your heart

Standing on a mountain high
Looking at the moon through a clear blue sky
I should go and see some friends
But they don't really comprehend

Don't need too much talking without saying anything
All I need is someone who makes me wanna sing


Just got back from Genting Highlands and I feel so limp. I'd explain the whole trip but I'm too tired to do so... Tomorrow... The only sliver lining was that I got mentioned by some people at another forum while I was away... Didn't figure that I was interesting enough to be mentioned... o_O