Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hooked on Stargate Atlantis

Seriously, that sci-fi TV series rocks! :D I've just spent roughly four days downloading the whole of season 1 and watched six episodes just today. Though it's currently airing on TV2 every Thursday night, I happened to miss watching most of the first four episodes, and after watching those I figured "what the heck?" and watched another two shows ahead of its airing on TV2!

The only thing keeping me from continuing on from watching it is that it's currently 4:50am now. Just some info, the copy that I'm watching now is ripped from the US' Sci-Fi channel and it seems that it runs for roughly 42 minutes each episode, and plus commercials are snipped off too! :D

Friday, January 13, 2006

Close Down Blog?

Finally, I'm going to admit this: I don't think I would like to continue blogging here anymore. I can't exactly tell you why, but the feeling has sorta left me all of a sudden. So, it's best I don't leave anybody still reading this blog in a limbo and wonder why aren't I posting weeks on end.

Truth is, I'm ready to move on, though maybe not using the moniker "WittySquirrel" anymore, but I'll still be blogging at another site. :) Though before I decide to close down this blog or not, I still have one outstanding serious blog post that I need to post here on the internet. Nontheless, if I close this blog down, I'll let you all know what the new address is, so don't worry. :P

Blogger to me seems a bit restrictive now, and since I already have a domain name and website (not gonna tell you guys yet), I'm gonna try it out with Wordpress or some other kind of blogging system.

I still have quite a lot of stuff that I want to spill out, so I'm not gonna fully seal my mouth yet. :P

Monday, January 09, 2006

I Need A Road Map

Glancing through Google Maps, and still waiting for clearer satellite pics to turn up, and squinting my eyes at what looks like to be the Penang Turf Club or a gigantic but dry swimming pool, I just realised that I still don't know where my home is if you just give me a general map of Penang island.

After 5 years, still clueless in my home island, sort of.

I need a road map.