Monday, February 16, 2004

First entry! Quick, get the camera!

Here I am, posting my first entry in my own blog. I've said this to Mellisa aka Glass Charm on ICQ before, I'm slow to respond to the blogging craze, actually about 1 year late. I've seen Live Journals before. Diary? Diary??? Oh dear god...

I'm sort of active on the internet, you can see me mostly on the PPT forums and SPI forums. I have an alter ego which I will talk about sometime later...

BookCrossing? Yep, that's what I'm going to talk about for now. Ever heard about it before? If you haven't, I suggest hopping over to and check out the site.

This is the article that appeared in the daily newspaper The Star on August 20, 2002.

From the main page:

The "3 Rs" of BookCrossing...

  1. Read a good book (you already know how to do that)
  2. Register it here (along with your journal comments), get a unique BCID (BookCrossing ID number), and label the book
  3. Release it for someone else to read (give it to a friend, leave it on a park bench, donate it to charity, "forget" it in a coffee shop, etc.), and get notified by email each time someone comes here and records journal entries for that book. And if you make Release Notes on the book, others can Go Hunting for it and try to find it!

I was informed that there were active Malaysian BookCrossers, after some discussion with Emily and Zarina, we now have own Yahoo group, the Malaysian BookCrossers! (In Links section)

And just less than 2 weeks ago, another BookCrossing group was formed. But instead of Malaysians, this time it's the Singaporeans! (In Links section)

My BookCrossing interest started somewhere in 2002, where the article about BookCrossing was published in The Star (previous link)... The idea seemed weird and was later forgotten... that is, until 3 months later, where some of the people at the Snopes forums were discussing about BookCrossing... BookCrossing again? I logged on to the url given in the thread (the thread was later pruned) and found out that the idea didn't seem so crazy after all... After a release in McDonalds' Prangin Mall outlet, I was disappointed that my book wasn't caught, I was spying from somewhere far away and I think that the book might've been in the rubbish bin by now or chucked under a pile of books which they never bothered to read...

After 10 months without access to the internet, I got a ADSL connection and immediately went to all of the sites that I was previouly interested, including BookCrossing... Enough to say, my curiosity and interest about BookCrossing got restarted.

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