Thursday, October 19, 2006

MUET Massacre

Absolute and total massacre is the only thing I could describe my MUET (Malaysia University English Test) oral exams earlier this morning. I was Candidate B during Task A and not only did I stammer quite a lot during the oral exam, but when I hit a brick wall I just stopped talking right at the spot. Nothing came out of my mouth, and I even found myself laughing to calm myself down because I was such a bundle of nerves.

During Task B, it was just slightly better. I had more points written down in my paper, though my attention wasn't really focused on my teammates. I was struggling to come up with more points, and I believe that I had stated the conclusion too soon. I say this because since we found ourselves talking in rotation from A till D, and Candidate C opposed my conclusion just because she hasn't finished mentioning her points. I wonder how much damage hitpoints we received just because of that.

My confidence for this Speaking paper has been seriously shaken, though there's still 3 more papers remaining for MUET. And if I don't score at least a Band 5, I'll try again with next year's examination.

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Edmund said...

Massacre is Ultimately Entertaining to Teachers ( MUET )there you go, the conspiracy behind the MUET thingy.
i could say i sucked at task A and task B. =/ i hope i get a good grade or i'll retake. but hey we get to retake next year ! unlike some schools. wohooo