Friday, June 15, 2007

3 Kittens Up For Adoption!

Three kittens, all less/around one week old were found at Heng Ee High School yesterday morning and they are in need of a good home and especially a good owner. Two of them are black and third one is a blackish-brown tabby kitten. They're usually very quiet when sleeping together, so it's not advisable to split them up yet. Sorry but there's no photographs available.

If you would like to adopt these kittens, or if you know somebody who would like to adopt them, please drop me an e-mail at andylkl(at)gmail(dot)com. Wooden box, kitten milk powder and syringe for feeding will be provided. I'm currently living near Georgetown, Penang, and delivery can be arranged if you're living on the east coast of Penang island or Butterworth.

These kittens need a home, please pass this message on!

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jAmEs said...

Hi Animal lover...

U might want to post a map for out station guys to adopt them... hehe

how about their picts...