Friday, November 02, 2007

Still Blogging?

Ed: "Do you still blog?"
Me: "Yes, right here." *Points to head*

To me sometimes thinking about blogging ends up more satisfying than actually blogging. My mind ends up being more expressive in the showers than sitting right here in front of the computer. Perhaps it's due to the overuse of instant messaging, or it might be the overall degradation of my mental sanity due to bad habits. Let me make this clear, I'm perfectly fine personally but I've a problem with expressing thoughts into words due to various circumstances.

Enough to say, I'm thankful for what I already have and own at the moment. Still there are things that if left unsaid, you'd probably see me exploding at any one point or another. Well, in the short space of 15 minutes I think it's time to wrap up this post. Sleepiness is affecting my judgment, and that is one reason why it's hard for me to blog. If only things can go my way, if only I had the ability to change difficult situations at the drop of a hat. That's enough I suppose, the more I keep saying the word "I", the more selfish I feel about myself. Give me back my mind, I need it.

One last thing: I just wish that my mom would just trust me and let me handle the exams on my own instead of nagging me all the time.



Here's my ultimate question.
Do you ?

Jonathan said...

Parents will always be parents mate

Anyway, i'm open to any type of song genre, just post it in comments