Monday, May 10, 2004

That's it, I've had enough!

I'm sticking with blogger! I've always had thoughts about switching to LiveJournal but hesitated and I thank my lucky stars I stuck with blogger. First, I got a chance to try out gmail before the public, and now, they've revamped and relaunched blogger, I love the new look! I've had doubts about LiveJournal, since it really isn't for me... To be honest, the only reason I own a LiveJournal acount is just to read my friends' blogs... >.> <.< ...and to... comment, that's it, comment! I wonder if the people at LiveJournal will kick me out of their site since it's the only place that links to this blog... heheh... XD

1 comment:

GlassCharm said...

It's your choice. ^_^