Monday, September 06, 2004

Anwar Free, Hm...

Well, the Malaysian blogosphere has been a hive of discussion after Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's conviction was overturned by the Federal Court, resulting in him now being a free man. With all of the praises and cheers being showered on the former deputy Prime Minister, I however echo Cstan7 and Lucia's views towards this. He's free, so what?

[Added on Sept. 7]: Not "so what?" as in a "I don't know and I don't care" sense, but in a sense that things are still quite early to cheer about. If he decides to quit politics and be a family man, I'll be happy for him. If he however plans to continue planning his Reformasi, I won't be supporting him. Lets just be glad that he's free. Period.

To quote Cstan7:

"Come to think of it, what did Anwar do to make him a hero? Did he somehow improve the nation's economy? Did he make any Malaysian individual's life better? Or at least create a better education system while he was the minister of education? Not really. Then everyone was like saying how Mahathir controlled the nation with his iron fist for like about 20 years, but throughout these 20 years, things did get better for Malaysians. We all know the sodomy case is a scam, we are not stupid, but between one who mixed up religion and politics, and the other who is corrupted (is he?) but had proven the ability to bring improvements to the country, I would gladly cast my vote for the latter."

Although in my opinion he did deserve the term for corruption, he was framed for sodomy. Whether he actually did commit the offence or not, only he himself and God knows. I do not wish to ponder over it now. Since he's now a free man I'll also be heaving a sigh of relief because imho I believe it's better to let ten guilty men go free than to send an innocent man to prison. He had suffered enough from the corruption charge.

I also believe it was fate that led to his imprisonment and also the same fate that led to his release. I'm not entirely sure but I think he will be a different person once he gets back on his feet. He's now at the crossroads. It's now his turn to decide which road to take.


Anonymous said...

ergh, can;t log into my blogger account... anyway, i dont think that the former DPM ought to be judged by the fact he may be a homo. am not entirely sure if it was consensual or not, dont really follow the case. his luck is better than other innocent people in jail, they do not have a cell by themselves and to requestfor an appeal would be harder for them.

but then again, he's in the spotlight, and any of his court cases will be headlines. it would be under severe scrutiny of the public. pity his children though... especially after the 'sodomy' conviction, some ppl may not be kind to them.

apologies if any of my facts are wrong


Andy said...

Gianne: Everyone's a homo. Homo sapiens that is... ;)

The reason I'm not cheering is not because of his sodomy case, but that fact that he was once corrupted. He's suited to be a good family man, but I don't like him as a politician.

Jin said...

my sentiments exactly. i love this site cause im like lagging for a century on malaysian news >.<