Sunday, September 12, 2004


(GC, you said you wanted an interesting post, eh? You got it! XD)

I am so not going to take a flyer from a distributor again. Ever. Bad experiences.

As the escalator slowly went up during a trip to Prangin Mall, I noticed that someone was distributing them flyers at the top of the escalator. When I got to the top, I naturally stuck out my hand, expecting for a piece of paper to be stuffed in my palm. They're promoting their business, I know that. Perhaps I might stop by their shop and buy something. I don't mind having one. What I hadn't expected was to be greeted with a snub and a faraway gaze towards another direction. What the heck?

One time incident, nothing big.

When the terror twins came to visit recently, the whole family went to Gurney Plaza for shopping. Naturally, I didn't want to stick around with them but before I could make my way towards the MPH bookstore, the boy said he wanted to pee. I led him to the toilet reluctantly.

On the way there, there was a group of older teenagers comprising of mostly boys and a girl or two walking towards me from the opposite direction. I noticed that he had a flyer in his hand and it was sticking out, intending to give me one. Like you guessed, I naturally took it and continued walking. Sensing that there was something wrong with the situation, as who would distribute in a group and have only one flyer in his hand, I turned around to see them laughing hilariously. Got tricked. =/

Another lesson learned from life. Flyers aren't worth taking. Snub them before they snub or trick you.


Gianne said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Malu-ation... lol. but that's a good idea. that bunch of teens who tricked u i lucky for them that u (so blur, haih!) accepted the leaflet, usually ppl who shake their head and move on.

smthg new to learn abt ya: boleh dimain! bwahahha

Andy said...

Gianne: Boleh dimain your arse! XD

Actually it was a bit embarresing for the moment, but I realise that it was a lesson learnt. Anyway, they did it well, I should learn from them... =P

GlassCharm said...


*dies laughing*

Good grief. Interestingly funny, that was. XD

You should have hit the sales person, and started lecturing him about not missing even one potential customer. As for those teenagers, you should have took care of them for good - Zanmato style. ;)

Andy said...

Note to self: Add a loud "HOI!" when needed.

synical said...

Heh - you poor thing. This is why I keep my arms to myself whenever I see people give out flyers...

Andy said...

That's also what I'm going to do from now onwards. =)