Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Got 'em!

Mom was definitely complaining when she saw me forking out to pay for 3 DVD disks at Prangin Mall yesterday. To tell you the truth, it's been roughly a year since I had bought any computer games, mostly because the financial situation was qquite bad and that my computer wasn't really able to handle these games anymore. Thank heavens for the lucky break, I appreciate it. =)

She nagged even more when she saw that I was playing a First-Person Shooter game, Call of Duty, saying that she doesn't agree with violent games like that. Actually, I don't think she knows that I disagree with the idea of senseless killing. I subscribe to the idea that I only shoot if there's someone aiming his gun in between my two eyes. And if this game wasn't about World War II, frankly I wouldn't give two hoots about it. But it's still a pretty good game with plenty of excitement and nice gameplay. =)

And she also nagged that I'll eventually fall sick from playing violent games like that. It's not that the game is bad, it seems that I really am not suitable for playing those games in long periods without rest. It happened before with other similar games, felt very awful for the rest of the day... ehehehe... Well I played the game for 3 hours today before feeling the first signs of motion sickness, or rather simulator sickness, as the sickness doesn't really comes from motion.

And the other 2 disks were the Homeworld series and Command & Conquer series. Homeworld 2's graphics was spectacular but man, does C&C: Generals sucks or what? Big thanks again for the news about the announcement of the newest game in the Red Alert universe! =) Searched for Battlefield 1942 but (thankfully?) they're not available. That also reminds me: save up some money and get myself at least an original copy of any game! (Yes I've been brainwashed... xD)

"Sorry... but you asked for it, buddy."

*Aims scoped Springfield/Kar98k/Mosin-Nagant at head*

*Evil grin*


Anonymous said...

Homeworld is one awesome game. The first time I rotated the camera, my jaw dropped to the floor. Haven't played the 2nd one though.

GlassCharm said...

I love the last three lines of your posts! =P

*goes trigger happy and guns random people down* Eh, don't mind me, I'm just a bit hyper now, after reading your post. =P