Sunday, December 19, 2004

I. Am. Officially. Relieved.

*Points to the title*

Methink my flowerhorn fish has been completely recovered from his illness, as he started to eat his pellets today, Before that, he had starved himself for roughly 2 weeks, and his body had shriveled up. I was most worried that he'd die. T_T

When it rains, it pours? A goldfish of mine had come down with ick, a sort of fungus disease. He's also recovering now. =) Be before any kind of treatment was done, I made a short trip to the aquarium shop and on my way back, there was a large and dead goldfish on the road. If it wasn't for the lone fly sitting on the fish, I might've thought it was a toy, seeing it's unnatural look and it wasn't there when I was walking to the shop. One think for sure, I took that as an bad omen and will be preparing myself if it ever comes up true. Hope not. >_< black one if you're wondering. =)

Anyway, got what I wanted (and prayed) for, it's as good as a Christmas present from someone above, life and/or fate. Thank you. =)


sarah said...

my dad keeps both goldfishes and flowerhorns as pets. i've seen many die and its just so sad...
and quite scary.

Andy said...

Sarah, there must be something wrong with the way the fishes are being kept. You can suggest to your dad to find info and resources from the internet. My flowerhorn is approaching the 2 year mark and I think I've kept my goldfishes for 3-4 months already. =)

GlassCharm said...

Woot! ^_^ Glad your fish is finally alright now.