Friday, May 13, 2005

Surviving the onslaught...

The first wave - 3 papers 2 days ago. I managed to survive it, at least I think so.

The second wave - 8 papers within 4 days, and ditto for the third wave. Someone throw a lifesaver before I drown is this sea of exam papers! xD

Well, Malay essay paper was alright enough, for the first essay question, we were presented with 4 illustrated panels depicting traditional Malay games and we were supposed to write an essay about it. I believe that that the chances that anyone in my class who has touched a living dinosaur before has gotta be higher than anyone who has played either wau (kite-flying), gasing (spinning tops), congkak (marbles in a wooden-thingy) or sepaktakraw (no-hands volleyball). 200-250 word limit and just 30 marks up for grabs. Everyone was pretty much screwed in that part. I'm just crossing my fingers and hope that I got decent marks for that one.

Next section was another essay and there's a choice between writing 5 topics. I chose the one about the cases of violence being reported in today's society, people are saying it's because of the mass media, and in your opinions, why does this situation happen? Well, if it's my opinion, I expect to get a full 100% for that one, but that's just a dream, unfortunately. :P Many students got confused at what the last section of the question referred to - violence in society, or the mass media? *Shrugs* I played it safe and wrote it safe. Wondered how this will turn out. 100 marks for this question, so that's 130 marks for this entire paper.

I think I am so dead for the Chinese essay paper. I got stuck on writing many characters and barely managed to pass the 400 word limit. Letter writing part was sorta okay.

No problems with the second English paper, bungled a bit on the format of the summary, and left blank almost an entire page because I wasn't sure how much space I'd needed. xD Literature questions all came from a workbook exercise that I bought in the school's book fair a few months ago. Wrote 2 full pages on question about the novel, The Pearl. Am happy about that. :)


GlassCharm said...

About your first question of your BM paper, you should always do what I do whenever I am clueless about a question: Write pointlessly long elaborations for a point/isi that actually could be worded in one sentence.

Hopefully the teacher won't know you're rambling and give you marks for the length.

Of course, language/spelling/grammar is another story.

Andy said...

GC: Pointlessly. Long. Elaborations? o_O 250 words is really short, ya know?

No space for inane rambles in that paper... xD

GlassCharm said...

See. When you know absolutely nothing about a subject except a few short sentences, you ELABORATE.

Andy said...

Problem is, I did not know absolutely nothing about it.

I think I did better than some of my classmates, who even got confused and wrote "bola sepak" and "bola ratan" for sepaktakraw and one even managed to include "jongkang-jongket" as a traditional Malay game. Damn, that was hilarious... xD

Koala Mentala said...

What are you talking about? Are you just making up words?

Jin said...

Haha, The Pearl, my sister studied in when she was in Secondary 2. I didn't know you take Literature. jia you!