Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Turned 17 today!

*Blows away the thick dust covering the blog*

Well, I really have to apologise to everyone for not updating this blog for quite some time now. I've probbaly left some posts practically hanging half way in the sky, unfinished, but I'll be sure that it gets blogged down eventually. :)

So, just wanted to note down on this blog that today is the day when I turn 17 years old! :D It's my birthday! Though the day wasn't especially nice (or smooth either), I got through it, and here I am.

Nah, no birthday party here, but big thanks to everyone who've wished me Happy Birthday today. It really means a lot for me. :)

Apologies again to everyone for not updating recently, I'll promise that I'll go on a blog-visiting spree (or marathon, take your pick) this weekend! :P


GlassCharm said...

Woot! Happy happy happy happy happy birthday!!!! *super glomps*

Meh, thank goodness you finally updated. I was getting tired of prowling your dusty blog. =P

5xmom said...

Happy Birthday, Andy! May you have fantastic times ahead.

Hallaj said...

Happy belated birthday dude :)

Jason said...



and stuff!

w00t w00t. :-)

mrkiasu said...

I also want to wish you happy birthday, the last time i saw you updating was during the blog marathon thing, maybe you are quite busy recently.

sabre23t said...

Never too late, to just wish you a belated birthday eh, andy? ;-)
regards, sabre23t =^.^=

swaps said...

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