Saturday, July 16, 2005

Obnoxious Classmate

In Form 4 and 5 (or Secondary 4 and 5), I think the most of the folks in my class are really quite close with each other, the only ones who I don't usually mix around and get to know are the girls in this year's class. But then, being neutral and not very familiar is at least way better than getting infamous for being the one person in class who everyone loves to hate.

From the top of my mind, out of the many people that I've met in school, there is only one person who I would gladly kick his ass down a flight of stairs.

Now, this person in class is obviously obnoxious, has the ego the size of a hot air ballon, and is sorely lacking in the friendliness section. In class, he's very nice to the girls, hangs around them quite a lot, but I noticed that he gave me the cold shoulder very often. He acts gay-ish (not that there's any problems with that) and his very high-pitched laughs really makes my skin crawl and have goosebumps. It's that serious.

He inflates his ego by acting as a smart-ass, asks questions that would imply that he's capable in finishing homeworks way faster than the rest of the class, and egad, that laugh, that freaking "scratching nails on a blackboard" laugh that's enough to shatter glass and cause brain haemorrhage. I cringe everytime I hear it.

I don't think it's me who has the problems, since I keep hearing my classmates utter "I hate him" out of annoyance in class. They've mentioned before how annoying he can get in class. I guess that some people really have an aura that makes people like them, and some have an aura that makes people HATE them. Anyways, it's not my business to tell him what to do, start an arguement and blah blah blah. I've got better things to do than to waste my breath talking to him.

I thought I've seen people worse than this, but this really brings the definition for the word "obnoxious" to a brand new level.

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GlassCharm said...

that freaking "scratching nails on a blackboard" laugh that's enough to shatter glass and cause brain haemorrhage.

*shatters and dies from brain damage*


Yeah. I got my humour back.

Anyway, whenever someone I know in real life gets on my nerves, I make it clear to the person. And when I say clear, I mean really clear.

Oh, and acting gay is just freaky. Have you ever thought about playing along and seeing if you can freak him out? =P Just for kicks.