Monday, July 11, 2005

Past two school days...

Another brief summary of recent events, I hope you haven't passed out from holding your breath waiting for me to get this posted. :P

Last Friday:
- In the first lesson, made a passing remark to my classmate that I hope I wouldn't get called in to get my teeth drilled, seeing the dentist and nurses from the Ministry of Health came to my school.
- Two lessons later, I get called in to get one of my tooth drilled and filled.
- The Malay nurse was quite friendly, she game me a little mirror to hold on and see how it was being drilled and later filled. I gripped the armrest of the chair until it turned white.
- Ended within around 20 minutes, it wasn't so bad after all.
- Proceeded to accidentally bump into at least 3 people that same day. >_<
[- ETA: And my class beat the neighbouring class (5M2) 3-2 at football, even though we had fewer people than them... :P]

- Everyone in my class, and the top three pure science classes skipped the last four lessons because we attended a talk being given on the SPM 1119 English paper. The speaker was actually funny, and he talked about how to NOT fail the paper to getting an A for the paper. It was then I realised that the SPM English paper had a quite low passing mark.
- Talk lasted later than scheduled, everyone rushed back to our classes since the afternoon classes were starting at that moment. During the midst of frantic packing, I realised that my accountings textbook is now missing. >_<
- Another talk is being given tomorrow morning before recess, will be skipping three lessons. :D

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