Sunday, August 07, 2005

It's DARE!

And on to brighter stuff...

It's coming up
It's coming up
It's coming up
It's coming up
It's DARE! (ooh!)

Following their first single, "Feel Good Inc.", the second Gorillaz single from their second album, Demon Days has been announced for quite some time already, it will be released on this August 29. Now if anyone could be kind enough to point me to any music stores that sell singles, all I see here is just albums album albums... @_@

Anyways, the song from the album is called "DARE", which features Shaun Ryder (the giant singing decapitated head) as a guest vocalist (actually I've never heard of him before this song). Same with "Feel Good Inc.", it's a very catchy song and eh, at least it just shaves 5 minutes off any free time that you have... :P

Click here to watch both videos in streaming version, while the audio version can be heard on the official fansite.

Next up: A review of Demon Days! (I needed something to blog about... xD)

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anDee said...

I heard from somewhere, I think it was MTV News that they came up with the title and chorus of the song when either it was Shaun / Damon (lead) was about to start singing, he couldn't hear himself on his cans/headphones and he kept saying turn up the volume so he went..

"it's coming now..
it's coming now..
it's coming now...
it's there!"

so, being the weirdos they are, they turned there to dare and made a weird song concept and made it a tune :P anyways I find it very irritating to see a huge head on my TV