Sunday, August 07, 2005

Rest In Peace...

This isn't probably really isn't an interesting for anyone glancing through this blog post, but eh, I needed to unload it here...

After over two and a half years in my care, my flowerhorn fish fell seriously sick from several ailments for two weeks, and on a Sunday morning, two weeks ago, two minutes before noon, he laid down on his side, and slept forever.

From the last day of 2002 right until that single day, I thank you for being a loyal companion, for staying with me all of these while and for bringing in plenty of smiles and sunshine to everyone here. The only thing I regret is that I think I could've done better for you.

To my pet who was not named throughout this time (December 31, 2002 - July 24, 2005; 11:58am), though your soul may have departed from this world, you'll be missed.

Rest in peace.

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