Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Drunk and Racist Idiots

For those in the dark, some drunk and idiotic Australians have been inciting trouble right in their own back yard, but apparently it's been taken over into cyberspace. Don't get me wrong about Aussies, I love you guys but I'm 100% for the extermination of pure-bred idiots and racists, whatever nationality they may be.

Okay, so what does that piece of breaking news got to do with this blog and by extention to me? Well, a very nice and very polite moron by the name of Frank Sykes left this comment on one of my blog posts. Instead of being pissed and shocked, I'm going to take it one step further and dedicate an entire blog post about your brainless comment as a perfect example of a racist idiot. I can be very nice, but it's been long since I had a good reason to flame.

Look away if you can't tolerate bad words. This website will not be held responsible for whatever comment this moron made. If you're angry, go and find him.

You Malaysian are SO fucking ugly,it's unbelievable!! I visited your Third World country last Christmas,and I was truly gobsmacked (if you don't know what that means,look it up in the dictionary) to discover just how smelly and ugly you motherfuckers are. You people are so short,dark,and dumb. With your flat noses and brown skin,you wankers look far more than monkeys than proper human beings. We all have one life to live,and I'm SO glad that I was born an Australian instead of a fucking chimpanzee lookalike!! Nevertheless,I want to fuck a Malay moslem bitch,because I have been told that Malay bitches give EXCELLENT blow-jobs. Any offers?
Frank Sykes, at 11:35 PM

Here's a Google search on Mr. Frank Sykes who has the balls to drop a random insult into a blog but has no balls to provide a website or at least a puny e-mail. It might not be entirely accurate, so don't go and drop off another random flame e-mail into the wrong inbox.

Here's an analysis of the above comment:

Without stooping to the level of "Yo Momma is so ugly" jokes, I can say that Mr. Frank Sykes is obviously as blind as a bat and ought to find a random cow for an eyeball transplant. What, you've heard of Lina Teoh before? You've never heard of Michelle Yeoh before? Oh wait, I'm sorry, you're too trapped into your own egoist world to ever venture out of own cocoon. Oh wait again, I'm so sorry, you were in Malaysia before? You were in Malaysia before so you can have a "holier than thou" attitude? Burned by the local taxi conmen? Boo hoo. You'd better not be back in Malaysia for a second time or else I'll be hoping somebody strips you to your underpants and tosses you into the middle of the Straits of Malacca. But I'll be merciful and pray that you get tossed into the sea with a life preserver and eventually float into Indonesia's pirate infested waters. They love you so much. Oh wait, they don't actually love you, they love your touri$t dollar$.

Now, you want to tell us how we smell? Either you have the sense of smell as keen as Superman, or you have a one nasty fetish of getting close to people in order smell them. Don't even talk about Malaysians, I'd be willing to bet that if you'd be keeping this up, the Australian police would be knocking on your door so they can arrest you for being one heck of a creep. Darn, that's too kind. I should be saying being shoved onto the gravel with your arms twisted and a knee jabbed into your back. That's more comfy, isn't it?

And here we have a classic case of resorting to using expletives such as the four lettered f-word, targeting people who wipe their willies too much and lastly wrapping up with a desire to copulate with somebody. Yawn. Seriously, if you said all of these in front of your mother, she'd smack your face until it was ugly and shove a giant bar of soap into your mouth to clean that filth. Four lettered insults are for immature kiddies who have a limited vocabulary. And dude, HAVE YOU EVEN HEARD ABOUT SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES BEFORE?


Besides, by his definition, he'd also rather mate with a chimpanzee, monkeys and very ugly people. If you happen to like bananas and live at the zoo, you'd better be very careful. Mr. Sykes is coming for yooooooou...

You think being racist is fun? You think being like the Nazis is fun? You think oppressing other races is fun? You think damaging cars and other people's property is fun? If that's the case let the one who is without sin, cast the first stone onto his/her own car. Yeah, that's right. Since you're so pissed, why don't you make an awesome statement by wrecking your own car! Yeah, that's the way to go! Because destroying your own property is as sensible as destroying other peoples' property which they paid with their own money. Bloody idiots.

You can't get it through your thick skulls, can you? It's idiot racists like you who bring shame to their country. Acting like hooligans and arseholes with no shame. We'd all breathe a little easier if people like you were packed into a spaceship and sent off into the sun. This isn't aimed at people of Australia, but as a matter of fact idiocity spreads far and wide beyond boundaries. Whereever there's people, there's idiocity, and there's also stupidity.

As the insect repellent commercial goes, I can tolerate a lot of things, but the only thing I can't tolerate is friggin idiots. Ah well, it's been nice flaming your arse off. Have a nice day.

And oh, by the way, this first insult in this blog will be perpetually be immortalised in this blog for being a classic insult with zero substance. Any more insults I receive will be promptly deleted.


GlassCharm said...

*standing ovation* Well said.

Nicole said...

Word. Guy Sebastian (Australian Idol) is a Malaysian.

I recommend Memoirs of a Geisha to that person. Michelle Yeoh is in it.

If it weren't for Malaysians, celebrities won't have Jimmy Choo shoes. :P

Jason said...

*golf clap*

Penang Podcast said...

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Grace said...

maybe you went to a place which is not OBVIOUSLY a classy place for your christmas. You just didn't see the better side of the country.

I knew Michelle Yeoh's parent and her schoolmates stay is my neighbour.

Oh, did you know who is TUn Dr. Mahathir?

rin said...

*claps* i stumbled upon ur blog while gg thru riddler's page on livejournal. well done. proud to see a fellow penangite/malaysian standing up for our country lidat! :) cheers!