Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hooked on Stargate Atlantis

Seriously, that sci-fi TV series rocks! :D I've just spent roughly four days downloading the whole of season 1 and watched six episodes just today. Though it's currently airing on TV2 every Thursday night, I happened to miss watching most of the first four episodes, and after watching those I figured "what the heck?" and watched another two shows ahead of its airing on TV2!

The only thing keeping me from continuing on from watching it is that it's currently 4:50am now. Just some info, the copy that I'm watching now is ripped from the US' Sci-Fi channel and it seems that it runs for roughly 42 minutes each episode, and plus commercials are snipped off too! :D


::Lord Apprentice:: said...

me and my bro love that show 2...

check out battlestar galactica..its farking rocks..

naive idealist said...

hahah stargate atlantis is nice...man u r slow..hehe quickly catch up.
i`m on season 2 now..just cant wait for new eps every week..

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