Friday, January 13, 2006

Close Down Blog?

Finally, I'm going to admit this: I don't think I would like to continue blogging here anymore. I can't exactly tell you why, but the feeling has sorta left me all of a sudden. So, it's best I don't leave anybody still reading this blog in a limbo and wonder why aren't I posting weeks on end.

Truth is, I'm ready to move on, though maybe not using the moniker "WittySquirrel" anymore, but I'll still be blogging at another site. :) Though before I decide to close down this blog or not, I still have one outstanding serious blog post that I need to post here on the internet. Nontheless, if I close this blog down, I'll let you all know what the new address is, so don't worry. :P

Blogger to me seems a bit restrictive now, and since I already have a domain name and website (not gonna tell you guys yet), I'm gonna try it out with Wordpress or some other kind of blogging system.

I still have quite a lot of stuff that I want to spill out, so I'm not gonna fully seal my mouth yet. :P


Lucia Lai said...

hey andy, for a moment i was shocked thinking you are going to stop blogging completely. glad to know that, that is not so and that you are going to move to a new address. yes, do inform us the new address. don't be like our friend n305er lah, who move but not informing us of the new address (he wants us to find out ourselves).

since you have your own domain and server, yes, you should move to wordpress (WP). i actually have 3 domains and they are all hosted at jeremy's (but the time already expired... i think). one domain i already set up a blog (not my present one) using WP but i just let it idle away, doing nothing with it.

well in time i might move to WP too.

Penang Podcast said...

great blog and blogger never stop. I believed that you are a kinds of people who will always keep moving. I knew it from your blog. So keep it up. You will do it better and better with your own domain.

Anonymous said...

You gave me a shock in your first para.... but now you have your own domain and thats great ! ! ! :P
Move on you are my role model for blogging.

edmund said...

^ thats me. sorry forgot insert name ....maybe i was too shocked after reading your first para XP

darren said...

Phew at least you will be continuing to blog somewhere else, your posts are all very good and you should never stop so please tell us the new URL soon!