Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cleanup and Status Update

Just a blog post about well, this blog really. Cleanup and status update. :)

I recently just removed some links to other blogs seeing that it's dead, domain's expired or it's just not worth linking anymore. Did browse most of the blogs in my list and I'll decide whether or not I'll keep them after reading it later on. After all, I think I did miss quite a lot when I was leaving this blog unattended. My principle in exchanging links is that if you link me I'll surely link back to you. Of course, that means I'm also open to link exchanges anytime. :P

And the situation of this very blog, it did cross my mind many times while I wasn't blogging. I thought about closing it straightaway for at least three times here, but I'm hesitant to do so. Thought about moving towards another blogging system, thought about moving to another website, those are really some nice suggestions, but after all home is still home, think that down inside here I'm actually glad that I didn't close it down. I've still not outgrown Blogger yet, trusty old pal. :)


Darren Straight said...

Great! *does little dance* :D

andycjw said...

glad to see you back, i keep myself from deleting your link because i know you'll be back, and i was right

Jin said...

And I'm glad that you didn't.