Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Leggy Woes

Two weeks ago, and just a few days before I was due to collect my SPM results, I felt something wrong with my legs. First it was the left leg, then when my left leg was better it changed to my right leg and vice versa. Pretty strange really, to see my leg taking turns to ache.

So, I think the most likely that's causing my leg to hurt is my err... 8 or 9 year old swivelling computer chair. Noticed that the seat's too low and my legs bending like that for most of the day made it strained out. Could be the nerves under my knees that was affected due to my sitting position.

Anyways, during the four days of pain, I couldn't straighten or bend my knees without wincing. At the end of the fourth day, just plain simple walking was like trotting through HELL. No kidding. I tried to stay in bed or at least on the couch for most of the day, but seeing that I actually had to get up to get some drinks or food, or even heck, going to the toilet for a pee was excruciating.

And when night came and dad was back from work, dad and mom took me to a clinic that my sixth aunt recommended. Now as I mentioned earlier, plain walking was already painful, but yet I had to get dressed, get out of the house, walk down the stairs, getting myself into the carseat as soon as possible (traffic at the back of the car), finding the way to the clinic (turns out that sixth aunt gave us the wrong name of the road), get out of the car quickly (traffic again), made my way to the clinic and sit down yet again to wait for my number. I tell you, it was basically one whole year of pain compacted into four little days. Being greeted in the doctor's office with his cushiony high stool was the only relief of the day, to be honest.

Later it turns out the doctor says I shouldn't go hiking with my condition, I should take more breaks while I'm at the computer, and that I was already running a fever and I didn't realise it. And when I got the perscription, you know how clinics are operated in Malaysia, the nurse at the counter says "take X pills/tablets every Y hours" for each packet, and we don't get to know exactly what the names of those medicine are. Worries me a bit, actually. So, I guess one of those tablets was painkillers, because you just can't imagine the relief I had a few hours after taking a few of those pills. So yeah, it was very much better the day after, and I could manage to walk to school and collect my results slip!

Fastforward to few days ago, the same problem seems to have strucked me again. Though this time, I was sitting a higher chair now, a wooden stool to be precise. My back complains quite a lot since then due to its lack of a backrest actually, but heck as long as my leg doesn't bother me, I'm absolutely fine with it! Back on topic, it was the same problem, but I'm not really sure what is the problem that's making all of these trouble for my legs. Could be due to my chair again, could be my intake of caffeine, and mom suggested to keep my legs dry. And just yesterday, I think I've hurted my right kneecap due to trying some situps at the knee. Took the same tablets and it's much better now, but the pain's not completely gone though. It's still there, hope the problem goes away by itself soon.

Apologies for the long post though. :P

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