Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mentioned in The Star!

Oh boy, this came as a sudden shock for me. I was browsing and checking my e-mail when I came upon the daily digest from my local Malaysian BookCrossers group. It appears that our band of 200+ BookCrossers have finally gotten recognition in the local press! The local chapter of BookCrossing was one of the many parts in article about Malaysian book habits that was published in The Star two days ago.

Long timers Emily, Taty, Ariel and Betty were interviewed in the article, and Zarina was caught on camera! Even I was mentioned in one paragraph for founding the group!

Meanwhile scrolling a bit downwards on that article, fellow blogger Sharon Bakar was also interviewed! It's really a fantastic article, and special thanks ought go to the journalist who penned this article. Thank you so much!


bibliobibuli said...

it's nice to have found your blog! well done to you all bringing for bookcrossing to public attention. and lovely picture of you all!

Anonymous said...

I did a few release in Penang before, it ends up the shop keeper keep the books... apala...