Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Windows Media Player 11 released... but the agony!

Just a while ago, a little Gmail web clip led me to this Wired article, which led me to the site where you can download it from, which is Microsoft.

I'm one of those who use Windows Media Player as his main media player, and I love using it. So imagine the disappointment when I downloaded the installer and upon unpacking, I see this notice:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I closed the window and dumped the installer into the Recycle Bin.

I have no choice but to continue using WMP10. I can't install WMP11 because it needs the damn validation, which is impossible because my copy of Windows is not original here!

Arngh, I hate it when things like this occur.

[Update on Nov. 1 afternoon]: Thanks to Earl-ku for providing the .exe file, but still I'm unable to install WMP11 because I don't have Service Pack 2 on my computer! I give up on it. I'm gonna switch to a Mac if I have a chance to do so.

[Sidetrack]: I noticed that Blogger's image uploading feature has gone pear shaped. I can't upload any images onto Blogger without either getting a timed-out notice or a blank white window.

Why can't you just stick to two simple buttons without resorting to Javascript, Blogger? First button to select, the other to confirm upload!

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Jason said...

You might want to check out and have a look at how Earl Ku "legalized" his Windows and installed WMP 11 without validating. :)

I am using WMP 11 now too, but my windows is legal, bought from Dell.

Victor said...

Die pirate die!

Lol but seriously, wasn't it released like ages ago? Stick with 10 man, nothing much improved on the 11.

Andy said...

Yikes, it looks like the has had its bandwidth maxed out. (Not for this month, I hope?)

earl-ku said...

haha, jason thanks for the message at 2 in the morning ... its been reset already, no issues with the bandwidth ...

earl-ku said...

actually wmp11 is just another windows media player but its black, thats all ... changes most of the icons in winwdows ... thats all

sometimes for simplicity i just run mplayer2.exe ...

hellfried said...

if you poke around any techie forums long enough you will come across many debating the problems over this validation thing. it will only get worse with the launch of vista next year. indeed time to seriously consider a mac or better still a linux distro which does not cost any money at all!