Sunday, February 20, 2005

Another late night post...

Yep, it's another post in the middle of the night. Am now listening to Enigma's compilation album Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits. Well, remember the popular song that sounded like a Native American song? That song is called Return to Innocence. Remember the catchy beat, haunting Gregorian chants and seductive French vocals? That one is Sadeness. Throw a rock randomly at a crowd of people and if they won't try to beat you up, chances are that they've heard of either one of those two songs before. =P

Nothing else to say about the group, apart that they've just shot up to the top of my list of favourite artistes out there. I'm thinking about giving that same album a modest review, once I heard the album enough. I'm not really that sure about its counterpart album, Love Sensuality Devotion: The Remix Collection. Bad first impression. >_<

Got those both within the past month, dunno if I should be happy or just cry, think I'm almost broke... xD The first one at Popular, Prangin Mall, the second one also at Popular, but at its Megamall Pinang branch over at Butterworth. Stopped there overnight on Wednesday until Thursday night. Exhausting. x_X Will blog on that one soon.

Another thing I really want to shout out is that I've got a new handphone! It's the Sony Ericsson T230 (yes I'm a Sony Ericsson nut, just like my bro, and no, I'm not rich at all). Basically it's a modest entry level phone that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, good screen even though there's just 4096 colours (compare that to the old SE T310 with just 256 colours. HA. xD). Here's a pic of the phone from the Sony Ericsson website. =)

Must blog more tomorrow, it's almost 4 already... o_O

Over and out!


5xmom said...

Mine is SE630. Still prefer Nokia. And my sons' school doesn't allow h.p. so save me lots of money.

Jin said...

I love you just for your entries xD MORE! =p

Lillie said...

Ooo, the phone looks awesome! =)