Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Chess tournament for tomorrow...

Tomorrow (or should I actually say today) I'll be competing in the school's Chinese Chess team tournament. First of all, wish me luck (again). I'll be partnered with my sparring mate and two of his friends. Hope we'll be able to pull the rug under the favourites. =P

Today was the individual competition but I didn't participated in it. Besides, me playing with only 5 hours of sleep? Heck no! I'll be as good as gone by the first few rounds.

One of the first sights that irked me was the fella who walked around with a Bluetooth headset attatched to his ear. I mean, if it's a businessman and calls equate to money, it's definitely understandable but if it's just a Form 3 student, that's just plain showoff.

I've made it a point to not be so nice around the people from the chess club. Heh, after 4 years of being nice and what did I get? Another thud to the ground, same as the sack of potatoes mentioned earlier. Whoo-yeah, ignore them bastards. But then I take back some of what I've said about several of them some time ago. I noticed that at least 2 of them were actually better than what I thought they were. I'm glad that they are.

Signing off, at 1:06 am in the morning!


anDee said...

Good luck, mate. Have some faith in yourself, do good!

Jerry said...

All the best! May the force be with you..

Andy said...

Andy & eKLim: Thanks guys! =)