Saturday, March 19, 2005

Day three and LifeLogger

Left out blogging for the past few days but I've just gotta blog something about the last day of the competition, or tournament, or whatever, I'm not that sure anyway... =P

So, more pics from the LifeLogger Moblog:

Image hosted by

^ The scene at day three!

Image hosted by

^ Bi Cheng on the left and Chin Yuen on the right before the last game starts... BI Cheng got 8th place while Chin Yuen got second...

And guess what? I got first! xD Oh man, I've been waiting for this for a long time already, I got third for three and two years ago but practically gave away points for last year! Well, this year is probably my last for me, as I don't think I want to study there again for Form 6 next year... As for Chin Yuen, I've spoiled his planned treble of Chinese chess individual, team and Western chess individual catagories... xD Hm... I'm not very sure where the trophies are, but I'm sure that I'll be getting them later in school... It'd be pretty odd not to give away then.. o_O

Heheh, I've been fiddling around with LifeLogger for a few days now and taking some pics, turns out that the camera isn't actually that bad! I've just got to see the larger pics with IE since it just appears as a whole string of mangled code with Firefox... Anyway, I've made a few buddies there and it's been interesting reading and posting messages like those that you leave at Tagboards... =)

Ack, school's reopening again on Monday, results of exams will made known to the class, will need to shave hair again because they plan to inspect it on that day, and that day is also the day that they will be taking class shots for the school's annual yearbook...

Sigh, holiday homework is beckoning... x_X


GlassCharm said...

Woot! First place! You deserve it!!! ^_^

Lillie said...

Congratulations on getting first place! =D