Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I'm back!

Little post of miscellaneous thoughts from the past few days:

Locked out of Streamyx yesterday because of outstanding bills (damn it) but I got my parents to pay it at the bank today...

The "please hold on" song on Telekom has a good beat but seriously, they could've choosed a better song... =P

After listening to Enigma's album for roughly 20-30 time, I've finally grown to love it!

I feel that I'm jinxing myself for each and everytime I say that I'm going to do something soon. If you force me to say that, you can be sure that it's the last thing you're going to hear from it... xD

This year I've noticed how annoying some people have become... If only they could realise how annoying they are... Egad, ARE YOU BLIND OR WHAT, MY STATUS IS "BE RIGHT BACK", SO STOP NUDGING ME!!! Seriously, it just one little thing by little thing, I'm going to explode at him soon (scrap the "jinxing" thing, this is top priority)

I can't help like feeling like I'm a tool of somesort, especially for English-related stuff... You pull your chair up to my table before the English paper start to ask me English questions, and then unload me like a sack of potatoes when it is all over... I've gotta settle this issue with you...

To everyone:
Thanks for leaving a comment in my previous post when I was gone... Thanks guys! =)

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GlassCharm said...

Precisely. So when I say I'm away and my sister is online, or when I say to ignore me, please do so. =)


Anyway, I frequently teach my classmates and friends stuff too [mostly English, Biology and a little Maths] but I must admit, they don't dump me like trash after I teach them...you should go see the person and set things straight - Andy-style! ^_^