Saturday, June 25, 2005

Haze in Penang?

Is it just me, or has a shroud of haze descended on Penang island?

It was there the morning (or rather close to afternoon) when I woke up. Visibility is only like what, 1 or 2 km only? And it's rather stuffy at the moment.

If the haze is really that serious, I hope school's cancelled for the upcoming week... :P

[Edit]: Here's how it looks like at the moment:


5xmom said...

You wish!

Yeah, I just blogged about the haze too and noticed you did it also. There is a Youth Day programme at USM tomorrow. My sons (scouts) are participating. Hope it is cancelled.

Andy said...

Yea, stay indoors is always better! :D

GlassCharm said...

Suddenly I wish there was a haze in my area.

Chen said...

yeah.. noticed the haze as well this morning.. and conditions worsen in the afternoon ... Quite stuffy as well at the moment..

thquah said...

It was real bad in the afternoon.Visibility was really like 1km.I wish in would rain tonight and clear the haze.