Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Me? National Service?

Almost everyone in class wanted to know if they were chosen for the third season (gee, that sounds like being in a reality show) of National Service.

Here's how it goes: Your freedom as a teenager gets suspended by the government for three months, and you get random goodies and RM300 (after you serve NS) and the chance to live life the tough way. There's also a proposal for the particpants to receive training for handling M-16 rifles. It's a cool idea for teens who had their dose of first-person shooter (FPS) games, but not a good idea unless Malaysia's actually preparing for war sometime in the future. *Touch wood*

And guess what? Yours truly was... NOT CHOSEN!!! WOO HOO! :D

Excuse the celebration, but I know the pros and cons of NS, I just don't think it's worth it.

Although the list is only expected to be finalised tomorrow, me and most of my classmates found out that they weren't chosen for NS. That's good of course, since accepting the huge number of teenagers born in 1988 might make the government bankrupt. :P

Now to think of it, making a reality TV show about NS trainees does sound like a better idea than having them handle M-16 rifles. It's definitely dangerous if they decide to own one for themselves after having some experiences with it. And as the basic laws of economics says that if there's demand, there's always supply.

Plus, have you seen that friggin thing??? You could poke an eye out with that barrel! xD Just kidding there.

Hmmm... What I wrote in the first sentence of this blog post made me thinking. I really don't mind the TV reality show idea:

- Cameras tag the progress of 10 or 20 trainees in one three-month season, each season located in a different state.
- Elimination from the show, not from NS, can be based on their performance in the show
- Special judges from the Royal Malaysian Army (RMA), Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) or Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN).
- And the winner winning a car or a cash prize around RM10,000 or something like that.

It'll surely help boost the image of NS in lieu of the Malaysian Idol fever, remove the veils covering what's going on in the daily life of an NS trainee, bring more awareness of the activities of NS to the TV-and-reality-show-hungry public, and heck, it could even decrease the cases of problems within trainers, trainees or between trainers and trainees, because of the presence of the cameras there. Win-win idea, am I right?

On the other hand, it's also probably an insane idea, but it's not impossible that it'll really come true one day. :P


RaY7 said...

Another Great Entry!! Good Job!!

suanie said...

On the contrary, a relative of mine couldn't wait to get into NS... wanted to get out of the house for 3 months, no matter where. Different strokes I suppose, I heard of those who seriously want to go and those who vehemently oppose to going... then you kena tangkap of couse ;)