Friday, June 16, 2006

Almost Got Punched!


Seriously, have we that many paranoid punks wandering around Penang nowadays? Just barely half an hour ago I was walking back from school and was at the the T-junction near my house when I saw someone sprinting like he was in a hurry or something. I saw the guy and he saw and ran up to me saying something which I didn't manage to hear. Then he pulled back his arm and fist and was looking like he was gonna take a punch AT ME! WTF? At that exact point I stepped backwards quickly and already raising my right arm in case his fist flew at me, I wasn't holding my other schoolbag close to my chest or else I would've use it to block. The guy later then walked away speaking in Hokkien that he'll "let Ah Pui know about this".

Weird weird weird. o__O;;;

I don't know what would happen if the fist landed on my face or stomach. There could be plenty of outcomes, but I'm not gonna think about it any longer. In short, I'm not gonna take that shortcut anymore and stick to the footpath beside the main street. This was tooooo weird.


Edmund said...

When you said that you "almost got punched" i adjusted my specs to see if i got you right. O_O OMG. that was crazy. X.x i think that guy's alittle if not very off his wires. o.o" wonder who's ah pui o.o" Lucky you are safe.

5xmom said...

Maybe he mistook you for some gangster? Heh, you got tattoo yourself lately anot?

Andy said...

Edmund, I did a bit of thinking a while ago, came up with the conclusion that either the guy's really nuts (or under drugs), or something happened to him and he just simply went around pissing off at other people.

Lilian, I where got gangster face? And no, no tattoo lah or else I'll get punched by my parents instead. :P

Edmund said...

whao :P got tatoos ? XD gangsta face ? nah...maybe the mastermind of one

TGIDGP ! ! ! ! !

TGIDGP ! ! ! ! !

TGIDGP ! ! ! ! !

Andy said...

Whoa, this become one conspiracy already? xD

Nicole said...

Maybe they're happy-slappers? They slap people and record the incident in their phone.

Andy said...

Nah, I've heard of happy slapping before, and this insane guy isn't one.

GlassCharm said...

XD What a nutcase.

Though on a more humourous note, you could have sprang up and waved your arms screaming insanely. Or act retarded or something. Perhaps that would have scared him off.