Friday, June 02, 2006

Deep Forest Music Videos

You know, for all of these while I never really like Deep Forest's music. I used to think that the tribal chants were rather weird and that sort of turned me off. It was an entire different cup of tea. During that time I was used to Enigma's songs, and as you may know Enigma and Deep Forest have had their fair share of comparison to each other's works.

And now today, I came accross a music video of "Martha's Song", one of Deep Forest's songs which have made them immensely popular (but still not as popular as Enigma nontheless). The song which I thought to be weird actually fit into the music video. As you can see, some of the videos are pretty surreal and never clear, it takes several times of viewing to sort out the things that you see.

A word about the music though. I think most of you guys would be equally weirded out too, listening to foreign chating that sounds like Indian or gawd knows what language it is, and not even knowing what it means. Well, it can take two, three or even more listens to get the hook of it. It happened to me too. Never ever force yourself to sit through an entire song or album. The main point of music is to just enjoy it and let it entertain you.

And well, if you are able to take down the path of non-mainstream music, only then your ears and your mind will be open. There's already a ton of similar music out there on the market, on the television and also on the radio that keeps on playing the same old songs time after time, and entire music industry that's dedicated to churning out music. Everyone needs a breath of fresh air sometimes, you know?

Anyways, here are other music videos also by Deep Forest worth a watch (and listen!), I've linked them to avoid clogging up the blog post with too many videos.
- Deep Forest
- Sweet Lullabye
- Madazulu

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