Thursday, June 01, 2006

Google's Been Generous...

I've found myself fiddling around with several Google tools and services lately, most of them pretty nifty if you ask me. :P Here some of 'em that I joined recently.

Google Hosted
Was checking my e-mail address yesterday when I found out that they my application for Google Hosted was approved, and I had received clearance! Three and a half months, I applied for that darn thing on February 24th and only got to use it yesterday! Though I'm very interested in this service, my local webhosting provider only provided me a faux access to the domain name, and unless I get full access to the domain name, I'm afraid it's currently being wasted. :/

The thing attractive about Google Hosted is that if you own a domain name, it's possible to create e-mail accounts under that domain name, but yet it utilises Gmail as its interface and storage site. E-mail accounts are capped at 2GB though, more than enough I think.

Google Analytics
And today, I just received my Google Analytics invite in my mailbox. Though it seems like it's geared towards AdWords subscribers and looks very profession and polished. AdWords optimisation is the game, but no AdWords for me yet though, so I'm still finding a purpose and looking through the website.

Google Sitemaps
This one doesn't need an invite, but it's still as useful as the two others. Now Google Sitemaps is a information gathering service for your website, not unlike SiteMeter methinks, but I don't think I'll be ditching SiteMeter for Google Sitemaps anytime soon. It's still worth a shot though.

Google AdSense
Now this is something most of us would be really interested in, right? Google's money-making tool for webmasters. Who are we kidding here? A little cash in the pocket would definitely ease the wallet. :P

Wonder if anyone remembers two AdSense-related post I wrote two years ago? Had AdSense on this blog once back in 2004, but a month later turns out I was suspended due to my age. Well, on day that I turned 18 I sent another application to the Google guys and asked them to re-review the website, and finally I'm now accepted. So now that I've ads in this blog, do let me know if the ad placements or layouts could be edited or changed somewhat. :)

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nepspeed82 said...

I had a google adsense in my blog, but it doesn't earn anything.

Andy said...

nepspeed82, well gotta be patient there I suppose. Am waiting for my lucky break with AdSense so that I can hit the motherload of all jackpots. :P

Anonymous said... only I hear about these things regarding webhosting......thanks....keep it up....