Saturday, August 21, 2004

Blog Tweaked

As you can see, I've spent the past few agonising hours tweaking the comments and sidebar section of this blog. =) Tweaking the previously thought impossible task to fit both Blogger Comments and Haloscan together was a success! I'll observe for another week if both could be used. I'm interested in adding the "peek-a-boo" comments but I think I'll leave it for tomorrow.

The sidebar was a headache though, as the sidebar appeared normal on the front page but it slided below the bottom of the comments in the posts section. I compared the original template and managed to hunt down the offending tags, fixed (for the nice tags) and erased it from cyberspace (for the nasty ones). XD

It's certainly a big relief from the exams, also feeling jittery about the results but I think I'll avoid thinking about it until the next school semester starts.

Update: Yes, the "peek-a-boo" comments have been enabled! Click on "Blogger Comments" to see comments in the same page and click again to hide the comments... =) The archives have also been collapsed into a drop-down list.

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