Thursday, August 26, 2004

No medals yet...

I'm now blogging just after watching Josiah Ng falter in his bid to win a medal for Malaysia. In the Kierin event, he staged a late fightback but accidentally tripped Mickael Bourgain of France and Josiah finished 5th. In my opinion, he did well in the race but the trip had affected him.

Now the only athelete left is Elaine Teo (taekwondo). Good luck! =)

Meanwhile, one thing I noticed from an article on the internet is that a Malaysian judge was involved with the dispute that led to the crowd booing out a 10-minute disruption of an gymnastics event. Strangely, The Star had chosen to publish an article from Reuters that never mentioned the judges' nationality.

Josiah Ng wanted to ride for the United States?

Now this is a shocker, I'm speechless. As for the stupid feud with the 2 coaches on the back page of The Star, it's plain stupid.

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