Sunday, August 29, 2004

Gone, thankfully...

"They hate you, Bob. They hate from the bottom of your hooves to the top of your pitchfork. They hate you. By God, they hate you good."

-- Dr. Cox from Scrubs (Taken from IMDB)

"We dug up the founder of the company and wrapped him in copper wire. Then we replaced his tombstone with a huge magnet. With any luck, our business practices will make him spin in his grave and generate electricity."

-- Dilbert

^ My favourate quotes at the moment. =)

Thank God that they're gone, I don't think I would've last another night with them. They've already spent 2 nights here. Actually I think that it's a blessing in disguise that my nephew would be so attatched to the the computer. For example, if he were to misbehave outside, I'd threathen to cut off access to his precious games. That worked somehow. I'm also a bit pleased that I'm able to scream at them. (Slapping would be a last resort.)

About my niece, she looks adorable from afar but horrifying once you get to know her. Since she has no attatchments to the computer, I guess that makes her carefree and hard to control. She'd climb onto my lap and bounce non-stop or hit me wildly for no reason. One annoying thing she does is to tear or scrumple up whatever you're reading if you're doing it in front of her.

Strangely they're strict about their eating habits but none whatsoever on discipline. I just can't get it why their mom doesn't see how rowdy both of her kids are.

Honestly if I had kids like that, I'd beat them into a bloody pulp. (Figuratively, in case you were thinking I'd do it literaly.)


Gianne said...

wish i could scream at kids, but 'fraid their parents will scream atme. boohoo. maybe u could file for 'uncle abuse'.

Jin said...

haha you havent experienced the worst. once my mom's friend's small daughter (five years old i think) slept with me in my room and in the middle of the night she woke up and started STEPPING on me cause i was sleeping on the mattress. to think i actually let her have the bed. bah ! atrocious ~ i hate kids !

mdmafia said...

That's how my sis' kids behave too. Wish I have them to myself for one WHOLE day.

*evil grin*

GlassCharm said...

lol, well if you had made used of the Zanmato I lent you, there wouldn't even BE any pulp. XD