Saturday, November 06, 2004

Desktop screenshot

It's rare that mom doesn't stop and make a comment about my wallpaper whenever she notices that it's changed... Usual comments would be regarding whether the wallpaper would conflict with the surroundings (computer is in living room) or whether the wallpaper has any auspicious symbols on it... Feng Shui geek, you see... =/

Tried my best for the 2 accountings papers today, found out that I was only roughly 3 quarters correct for the 40 objective questions but I doubt that it'd help for the overall marks. Journals, documents, ledgers and those stuff were hard as hell in paper 2. At least the toughest ones are already over. Should be easy sailing for the last 5 papers...

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GlassCharm said...

My parents never comment about my wallpapers...only my sister does, and that's usually gushing about the FFX wallpapers.