Thursday, November 25, 2004

Tesco Penang

Just returned from the new Tesco outlet in Penang, and I thought that there are some issues with it that I needed to mention (aka my two cents).

Here are the up-sides:
1. Very easy to get directions to Tesco, just look at the numerous banners pointing to Tesco within a 1km radius.
2. Free parking.
3. Nice selection of shops available, e.g. Watsons, Popular.
4. Quite a lot of shops that sell food there, not including the food court.
5. Tesco hypermart itself reminded me of the Giant outlet in Plentong, Johor Bahru.
- Ah... Nostalgia.
6. Significant number of computers and accessories were sold there.
7. Conveyor belts! XD

Here are the down-sides:
1. Very hard to get directions out from Tesco, just look at the lack of signboards which said "Pusat Bandar", which was none. After getting lost for a while along with several other cars, the only way out was through Gelugor, which we never intended to go.
2. Isn't very accessible from the main road. Ups, downs and confusing curves are needed. Reminds me of some of the PLUS stops.
3. Despite its illusion of massiveness, there's almost nothing fun there.
4. Ground floor and first floor almost filled with only carpark.
5. Shops were only located in a crowded thin strip around the conveyor belts / escalators.
6. The number of items available in Watsons and Popular was very pitiful (from the lack of space).
- Guess the staff in Popular there will have a field day in arranging the little books that they have. I'd fall asleep from the boringness if I ever worked there. But for the Watsons outlet, it was less cluttered and very neatly arranged compared to the other stores. That was the up-side in the down-side.

Despite having 7 pros againsts 6 cons, the fact that it had 6 cons automagically deserves a thumbs down. Wasn't very nice, I'm not thinking of going there again. Prangin Mall or Gurney Plaza please.


anucia said...

I thougt tesco was pretty thing was mind boggling though...they didnt sell foolscap paper in bulk...hhmmm...had to get it from popular..

GlassCharm said...

*screeches* Conveyor belts!!!

Nicole said...

Hye, Tesco is for stuff like, groceries. Not really a shopping mall. The queues are long... Gurney Plaza is better but I am sick of it as I go every weekend.