Monday, November 22, 2004


This was the first non-spam, non-double post thread I had to lock. Ever.

Yay, another item to add to my extremely short list of pet-peeves. Currently it's:

- Backstabbers
- Patronisers
- Stereotypes
- Misconceptions

Enough ramblings, getting back to my novel. =)

Btw, congrats to GC for reaching the magical 50K mark!


GlassCharm said...

"And I would like to thank ALL the little people..."

LMAO! Good grief.

Anyhow, screw the obnoxious rule-violating person.

Chet said...

How's yours going, Andy?

*another 50K winner*

hehe ...

Andy said...

Chet, I am seriously behind. Can't do anything here because of this darn nephew bugging me. Will continue once there's no distractions. =(