Friday, November 26, 2004

Upgrade successful!

Went to Prangin Mall and bought a Kingston 128MB PC133 SDRAM chip for only RM160. Checked with another Malaysian website and sure, it said that they're selling it for RM179, at least I knew that that wasn't a ripoff. Fixed the darn thing in after 30 minutes of agonising over why couldn't it fit in properly and now Age of Mythology is running without any lags at all, yay!

Next target: DVD-ROM drive and webcam.

Thinking of selling my USB joystick for RM50-60, funds will go to the upgration of my computer. Considered with but it's for 18+ only,'s registration was very troublesome, my best bet would be the Velocity Media forums. Will post it tomorrow.

Alrighty, I just realised that I don't really dislike my nephew, the little brat. He wasn't that bad after all. After a bit of pondering, everyone told me that he was slowly turning into a carbon-copy of me, sans the nuclear-powered energy! That's really unbelievable. Niece has some noticable issues with her teacher at school. She has some talent to be a BDSM mistress sometime in the future.

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