Thursday, October 20, 2005

2005 Yearbook and Graduation Rehearsal


I've my name or pic in at least 4 sections of the 2005 yearbook, class photo, class of 2005 summary, graduation section and lastly the advetorial section (it costed RM60 for a quarter-page ad) which contained my regards to erm... everybody?

Am still mulling about my sleepy-eyed look in the photos. I know that I'm sleepy most of the time, but why the heck do I look sleepy even though I'm awake??? Anyways, I still think I look weird with glasses, but I look even weider without glasses. At least, at least I got myself in the class photo, thank heavens for that.

Is anyone interested if I scan and put a few pages from the yearbook up on this blog?

Rehearsal for this year's graduation ceremony went underway this morning. I can't tell you how sleepy and exhausted I was from getting less than 4 hours sleep the night before. (Irony alert: I'm typing this at over 1 in the morning) Gotta sleep now, I'll continue tomorrow morning. =___=

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Aneesah said...

Haha, we're getting our school yearbook tomorrow, possibly, and though I'm not obsessed with how many photos of me are in there (*cough*), I'm pretty excited. I'm an SPM-er, too. Last year of school. Tsk.