Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cover and Release Date of Enigma's New Single, "Hello and Welcome"!

I think everyone whose been an Enigma fan (a.k.a. Enigmatics, or Enigmaniacs :P) has been waiting for this news with bated breath. The latest news from is that the single's cover has now been made public!

Ladies and gentleman, this is the single cover of "Hello and Welcome", by Enigma!

I'm slightly thankful that the cover uses the E4-style font, and am presuming that it'll share less resemblance to the E5 album. About the boxing glove on the cover, the song is also supposed to be the walk-in music for the boxer, Felix Sturm. Mr. Cretu seems to be changing his taste in sports from football to boxing. :)

Anyways, the single's release date in Germany is on November 25th, and everyone is now waiting eagerly for a sample of the song. Here's to hoping that the E6 album, which is scheduled to be released in late 2006, would be a massive success for Enigma!

Meanwhile, the Enigma collector's box set which has 8 CDs is priced at €128.99 from Amazon Germany, which when converted to Malaysian ringgit, would be equilavent to RM581.25! Egad, that's more than enough to pay a month's house rent. I'll just be contented with admiring this box set in the music store. :|

[Edit]: The Enigma article on Wikipedia is slowly building up over the past year and that's a good thing, though much much much effort is still needed to be able to edit it to perfection.

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