Sunday, October 16, 2005


They usually say that chillout music is perfect to listen after a whole night of thumping and loud music.

But what do you turn to if you get too much chillout?

The answer is switching back to radio to good 'ol vocals.

Amidst the most of the ear-jamming songs and sounds that I've heard recently, I think I'm embracing the Bee Gees again.

I had a four-album marathon with Kraftwerk from 11pm till 4am last night, now I'm rediscovering Their Greatest Hits: The Record. Old can sometimes be gold. :)


SPM exams is in less than a month, quick dammit, I have to PANIC!!! Or else I won't be able to get everything else done that way. :
Friday seems to be a public holiday, that means there's only four schooling days left for me. Graduation day is on Saturday.


I went to the optometrist on Wednesday, took an eye test and apparently my left eye seems to have worsen a bit since my last exam.

Picked a new pair of frameless glasses with rectangle lenses, supposed to take them today but I haven't went to the shop yet.

Y'know, even with the eye tests and everything, I still have a bit of concern about whether I fumbled the eye test and am gonna screw up the end result of my prescription glasses. :|


You know you've been in Wikipedia too much when you attempt to make text appear with italics by typing like ''this''.


Jessy said...

Good luck in your SPM!

Jin said...

All the best <3