Thursday, October 20, 2005


I was supposed to collect my glasses from the optometrist last Saturday but I went there on Monday instead. The lack of transportation really bungles everything up sometimes. Anyways, I've now a pair of new frameless and lightweight glasses! :D This new pair made my old ones look like gigantic boulders, as normal metal it rusted a little over time.

As expected, vision in my left eye was even more blurry than ever (think it was because of the weird angle that I used to sit at while on my computer) and so the lens were much thicker than the right lens. Though everything seems much much clearer, I need to get adjusted to the change, it's... different now. The only thing that makes me concern right now is that the whole thing seems to fragile and so darn easy to break apart if you try to take it off too quickly.

Lastly, the guy at the optometrists bugs me a little. Sometimes I get a little disturbed at some of the people that I see around me. He reminds me a bit of the unresponsive lady at the stall during the time I was going vegetarian a month ago. When I told her what I wanted to order, I wasn't really sure if she heard me at all. Just... no response, and that seriously irks me. In the end, I got what I ordered for, but apparently she didn't fully listen and I got one packet wrongly. I'd expected it anyways.

Back to the optometrist, I suppose he could be considered as alright, considering my last optometrist literally was sweating heavily (nervous, him?) during the last consultation 3 years ago. My mom accompanied with me back then, it's normal for people to get nervous at the sight of her anyways. :P

RM270, man they're making big bucks from this I think. The more people start to fumble up their vision, the more money these guys earn. Anyways, I sure as heck hope it's worth every single penny. First it was lightweight headphones, now it's lightweight spectacles, seems to me that perception enchancement is really getting to me now.

Am not rambling any further more. I'll just keep this entry short and sweet. :)

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